Thursday, February 5, 2009

my thought

earler i was in a belief that society makes a person, but i was wrong, a person's nature,type of profile, his/her ability, his/her attitude, etc makes him. and according to which he is called by any society.
suppose, if a person is hard working and intelligent then , his/her friends or collegues would also be of that kind, cause of his nature. i may be wrong some where on some else thoughts. but what i believe a person can also choose his society according to his own will and hard work towards any field. plz comment me if i am right or wrong according to u.


Gabriel Gadfly said...

I think you're leaving out one's individual social ability. Hard work and intelligence doesn't do much if you don't have the social ability to network with other hardworking and intelligent people.

Sensfaction said...

I think that success isn't measured in status or intelligence but who your are as person what you practise etc. A rich person that never has time for their family, will never be as successful as a poor person who is always there for them.