Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Leave yourself and live

leave yourself and then live the life you have with you.
Find what you have then with you. if you find something that is the real thing you can carry with your soul. nothing except that. you will surely have the feeling of free from every connection. This is another way of being going in deep of work, love, success. if this stage is achieved then your every moment will be full of joy anfd fun. cause you dont have to think about yourself.
If i tell about me, what i like or feel after going in depth of music while playing or listening is free from conciousness of mind. that stage is of being unconcious from every thing. But it can also led to being unware of or irresponsible of work. so be aware of that too. this can be for relaxing yur mind and body. as i listen qawali of Nusrat fateh ali khan, Rahat fateh ali khan, and of Farid, Bulleh shah. and of many sufi singer. this also leds me to towards success. but this path is what i like. so you may have different interest. enjoy of being in that interest. freeeing yourself from you is the major thing i am stressing about. if you want to know about this then have a look at this

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is true and it is the law of nature that success loves success. the reason behind this is if anyone grows then he/she never thinks of moving back form his/her 's present position. this can be called as a flow or a flow of a river, whose every wave moves froward it doesn't think of moving back.
similar in the case of growing person. for getting successful a person can take help of that who has been succesful by efforts. but in this way some or few gets success cause it is copying and copying has to face some problems as copying doesn't requires self efforts.
so better way can be think like how a successfull peson thought and then do all efforts again with practice, try to find new ideas which could be better then the past one. be relaxed but creative with every next second. add your own taste in that and love your work differently. only in rthis way the copying will work with many new great ideas.
Another way, do that which others do not want to do. do that efficently. take first step of accepting the responsibility. if you move one single step towards success then success will also move one or more step towards you. so in this way success loves itself.

Monday, July 28, 2008

What about their success if seen

We always want success and do anything for getting and we have to do. but what you think if it is for a prostitute. prostitutes might earn good income or makes good money in developed country but those country as such which are growing or developing. at that place, they only d their business for their hungry stomach. they want to earn for their living. they do just for their need. can you say in this, that they are doing for their success. no not at all. so being prostitute for them is not wrong because there they do not have anyother work to do. similar in case of bar dancer as in many cities. some guys go for their relaxation but are the dancer going for their fun. no not at all.

so being in wrong path for them is not wrong cause they are right somewhere too. if i say in terms of saints then their will also be good, they can also have heaven cause they also have right.

If I add some words for a normal man who is doing work somewhere in corporate world or company. There too, you can see guys going behind some seniors for their success. they do buttering or some kind of tings to have higher post in their company.

so can you imagine how a prostitute can think of enjoying success that is real in terms of her's.

living life for them sometimes look like a hell. so we can say there is both hell and heaven on earth. there is nothing lies above these sky.

but if we like to live our life in a good way then we have to live with good behaviour and helping nature for the betterment of life of others. so being any kind of person, if we just think of about being a good person. we can attain any type of success but it will take time. cause every god thing takes time to happen.

what you say, plz reply.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scale for measurement of Emotions

It may be a scale for measuring emotions but real measurement lies inside you or youself.
The Emotional Tone Scale is a powerful tool that gives you dozens of benefits.
For example, you can use the tone scale to:-
● Make people feel more comfortable with you● Predict how people will react to various situations● Understand why some people pull you down● Improve your ability to get agreement from people● Better understand yourself ● Know who you can trust and who you should not trust● Increase your concentration and reaction time● Motivate yourself and others● Make yourself into a saner, better person.
The top of the tone scale includes the more positive emotions and the bottom of the scale lists the undesirable emotions.
"The Emotional Tone Scale"
4.0 Enthusiasm
3.5 Cheerfulness
3.0 Conservatism
2.5 Boredom
2.0 Antagonism
1.8 Pain
1.5 Anger
1.1 Covert Hostility
1.0 Fear
0.9 Sympathy
0.5 Grief
0.05 Apathy
0.0 Body Death.
The higher the individual is upon the Tone Scale, the better chance he has of obtaining the wherewithal* of living, the happier he is, the healthier his body will be." (*wherewithal = financial needs)
When you are high on the tone scale, you not only feel happier and healthier, you are interested in everything around you. You are alert, clear-headed and energetic. People enjoy being around you as you are trustworthy, responsible and genuinely cheerful.
Actually a person fluctuates on this scale from hour to hour and day to day. He receives good news, he goes momentarily to Tone 3.0. He receives bad news, he may sink for a moment to Tone 1.0. He falls in love and for a month he is at level 3.5. His girl leaves him and for a week he is at Tone 0.5. When he is very young he rides around Tone 3.5. As he grows older, his tone drifts down to 2.5. As an old man, he may drift down to 0.0 and death, either slowly or swiftly."Where Are You on the Tone Scale?
identify your tone level.
0.05 Apathy: You do not care about yourself or others. You are always ill. Nothing seems real. You cannot face the past and do not care about the future. You lie to get sympathy. You want people to pity you. You feel lost and unimportant.
1.0 Fear: Life seems dangerous and serious. You are frequently sick. You cannot make decisions. You wonder what is real and what is unreal. You assume people want to hurt you. You do not take responsibility and you lie to avoid any type of confrontation.
1.1 Covert Hostility. You are similar to a person in fear, but you also have hostility. Because you are afraid, you cover up your hostility. As well as lying to people, you stab them in the back. You are devious, underhanded and like to gossip.
1.5 Anger: You openly show your hostility. You are "right" about everything. You attack people, verbally or physically. You use threats, punishment and alarming lies to dominate others. You are a coward, but will use unreasonable bravery to hurt yourself or others.
2.0 Antagonism: You feel irritated much of the day. Your illnesses are severe. You assume the worst in people; you find it difficult to trust anyone. Instead of trying to help people succeed, you prefer to just stop them. You are a critic.
2.5 Boredom: While you are not angry or opposed to others, you are not interested in them either. You are occasionally ill. You are indifferent, careless and insincere. You give up if anything gets in your way. You are not creative, but not destructive either.
3.0 Conservatism: You are mildly interested in life. You try to tell the truth and can be trusted in most matters. You are courageous, but only if the risks are low. You are social and somewhat friendly to a small group of people.
3.5 Cheerfulness: Your interest in people is high and you try to understand them. You are capable of assuming important responsibilities. You rarely get sick. You can persist on a path to the end result. You use energy and logic to get people to do things. You like to help people.
4.0 Enthusiasm: You are creative and excited. You never get sick. You are eager to understand and help others. You are courageous in all circumstances. You gladly accept responsibility and can be trusted. You achieve your objectives, despite all opposition. Your enthusiasm is contagious; people like to follow your lead. You love life and the future looks wonderful.

Fear and Lie's relation.

Sometimes, we speak lie for enjoying some movement , which leds to that way which we don't want and it also gives fear to us. we have to live in fear and remain in scare.
For example :- if i take example of myself. as i used to talk with girl who is my friend's friend. her father is an inspector in police. i sacre too of my parents too cause if anything wrong happens with anyone and if anyhow her or my parents would came to know about this then i will not able to handle that situation. this leds in myself fear and a losser behaviours enters in my head. or it makes me scare in other words.
So i decided to leave all that things which are based on lies or which keeps me in scare. I want to join that way whichis based on truth and which can bring confidence in me. this is also a way to move towards success. so never choose that way in which you feel wrong or in which heart doesn't agree your inner self to move. this is a simple example for staying away from lie and the way of losser.
Stay in the way of truth and in that which your heart agrees. live confidently and successfully.
but what you think about this. you can tell about any type of relationship.

Friday, July 25, 2008


We have seen many times, that how a baby learns to walk and then run after putting his/her steps one by one. he/she never feels tires of repeating efforts for standing and then walking. and there is also a great thing which we can learn from them is how they do not stop moving ahead even if they dont walk, they use their knees to move forward. isn't inspiring.
we have to learn from them and keep moving ahead and should enjoy each and every step of ours. we should move and keep on moving for wining success. this is the basic principle and formula.
enjoy each step if we loose or win. enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

some thoughts of mine.

Ever live within your income.

Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.

As i more understand my life, i live less. and as i understand less i live more.


JUNOON, a word which is there in soul but need love with itself. it is a type a passion or a passion for work or success. it is not needy that it can be only for work, it can be for love , can be for money earning, for being an enggineer, for being a manager. or anything , etc. if i explain this word then it is continuous work without being aware of anything going around. only thinking about that work which we are doing. if again i say that can be for anything. so having that passion can bring success easily. but attaining the stage of JUNOON is a bit difficult but not impossible. stay tunned

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


the work which we do, if we also enjoy that work then we can easily attain success. it is the simplest and easiest way to get efficient and success in work . and if there is also some love towards work is present then it becomes much easier, need presious comments of yours.

concentration on your aim

aim concentration is very much required for getting success. cause there are many things which will or may diverge us for making us unable to reach to our defined destiny. and te most important is is the defined destiny that should always be in mind for achieving that.
divergence can be of any type as body is not fit for work, mind is not stable,house dsputes, or disputes with friend. anger and many things like that. but these all things capture or attacks us when we donot make our innerself strong. to keep all these away from our way for aim. doing regular exercise and and keep the anger away from self. and for building innerself , we can meditate, we can do yoga. i am not telling to join any classes. do it at home, for ten minutes but regularity should be maintained.
staying fit from every point is necessary but aim should not be left by any cause. for whih concentration is needed. comment me for adding new concepts too about gaining success.

Monday, July 21, 2008

law of universe for success

What the Universe Gives YouWhere do you spend your energy?
Do you use it yelling at your spouse? Surfing the web? Watching television?
Or do you spend your energy working hard? Helping people? Learning new things?"
That which a person works hardest on, he winds up having. That's one of the fundamentals of this universe. That to which he devotes energy, he finally has." -- L. Ron Hubbard
For example, if you spend your energy on parties or sporting events, you end with memories of parties or sporting events. If you work hardest at making your enemies wrong, you end with enemies who are wrong. If you spend your energy worrying about being penniless, you end up being broke. If, however, you spend that same work and energy doing something that makes you money, you end up with more money. If you spend your time finding a spouse, you get a spouse. If you spend your energy learning new skills, you have new skills.How do you spend your energy? On what do you work the hardest? That is what you have, right?Recommendations
Use this simple, yet powerful idea to get what you want from life.
1. Write down three things that you want. Do you want a successful business? Love? A healthier body? More intelligence? Happiness?
2. Devote your energy just to those things. Work hardest on those and nothing else.
3. Don't be too surprised when you suddenly get them!

fight with own

sometimes in the way of success, we have to fight with ourselves too. that is the most important aspect of knowing self. and we have to keep this in mind in too that all are part of our life, life should not be part of all. cause if we are not present then all will be of not of any use.
success is not only in the way of education not only in corporate world , not only in the way of earning life. it is also in earning life, it is in the way of earning self conciousness.
example of this can be :- as we do work to earn money, but only making money can make our life to loose other things. so we have to manage every thing for a successful life. success should be of both that is mind and heart. you heart and mind should be happy, if it is done then we are the successful person of this whole world. stay heart and mind cool and happy.
try to understand yourself and learn something from everyone who is with you on any path. cause learning is the only real part of life and only understanding yourself is the only goal. and who attains this is the successful person. what do you think share with me ?

Monday, July 14, 2008

formula for success

Success is what dreams are made of. Success is about making it in life. Fast cars, expensive penthouses, designer labels—in other words, high material viability is the new success mantra. Yet we see large hordes of people demanding to do more than that by trying to find a common denominator for success. No longer weighed in terms of tidy bank balances, success is now regarded as all-inclusive quotient of material, emotional and spiritual gratification. Belying Alvin Toffler's apocalyptic cry against capitalism and urbanization, success does not remain merely a socially abrasive economic phenomenon in a highly competitive world. Today success represents a holistic and positive attitude to life. Attitude is everything. If you think you can, you most certainly can. Success is not closeted within some kind of brick and mortar premises. It assumes the individuality of a complete act executed with perfection. Material achievements do not define life. We do not remember the sports stars for the products they endorse but the spirit of achievement they represent. In the abundance of positive attitude underlies the grandeur of a truly rewarding and rich life. Ancient Indian wisdom believes that the most qualifying aspect of success lies in following the four Purusharthas( tenets) of life. The Purusharthas are based on the four tenets of artha (wealth,social security), kama (fulfillment of desire), dharma( principles)and moksha (salvation). Wealth or artha means earthly possessions and material gains. People usually work hard to procure such standards of success, and yet, find themselves wanting more. Desires condemned by puritans the world over, is motivating force behind all action that manifests as success. High moral credo or dharma is a life based on principles. However the crowning glory to successful life is moksha or freedom from all desires. Artha, kama, dharma and moksha patterns a rite of passage for an adult life. According to Indian thought, success depends upon the smooth transition of an individual through each of these passages. However, the culture factor definitely influences the success expectation among a people

Sunday, July 13, 2008

for success, remove worries

worries makes ourself weak from inside. it losses our inner strength. as an example
There has never been a better time for worry. We have problems everywhere: rising gas prices, falling stock markets, fires, floods, wars and potential wars.
According to the news, we are seeing more financial problems, more home foreclosures and more people going broke than ever before. "They" say we are very worried.
Symptoms of Anxiety
* You worry about everything, big things, little things, imaginary things* You are afraid of making mistakes* You find it hard to make decisions* You feel nervous for no reason* You feel dizzy or weak or tired* You imagine the worst* Your body is tense* You sleep poorly
Three Popular, but Bad Solutions
1. You visit your doctor and get a prescription for some anti-anxiety medication. After a few weeks, you may or may not feel calmer.
However, you dislike adding chemicals to your body. You don't want the side effects. You hate needing a drug for your happiness. If you quit, you feel twice as anxious as before.
2. You visit your local bar or liquor cabinet. After a drink or two you feel calm.
Alcohol has the same disadvantages. You hurt your liver or become an alcoholic. The next day, your head hurts and you still feel worried. You wish your happiness did not come from a bottle.
3. You go to a hypnotist or buy "subliminal" tapes that give you commands while you sleep. If you can go under, you feel calmer after the sessions.
But again, you hate not being in control of your feelings, good or bad. Your anxiety comes back in new forms. You wonder what other commands the hypnotist gave to you.
One Simple, Powerful Solution
By making one easy change in your lifestyle, you can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety. All you do is stop listening to certain people! You ignore the Merchants (sellers, distributors) of Chaos (disorder, confusion).
"It is to their [the Chaos Merchants'] interest to make the environment seem as threatening as possible for only then can they profit."
"Look over a newspaper. Is there anything good on the front page? Rather there is murder and sudden death, disagreement and catastrophe. And even that, bad as it is, is sensationalized to make it seem worse." -- L. Ron Hubbard
Anyone who profits, by making the world seem worse than it is, is a Chaos Merchant.
For example, a politician makes crime seem like a bigger problem than anyone ever thought it was. He promises to fight crime better than his opponent. He wins if he scares enough people.
An arms dealer tells one country, "This country has secretly purchased some bombs and has pointed them at you. You need to buy some bombs and point them at their capital."
Certain lawyers are Chaos Merchants. For example, they say, "A police friend of mine says they are going to investigate you and want to put you in jail. I can probably keep you out of jail, but my retainer is $75,000."
Anyone you know can be a Chaos Merchant. For example, a coworker wants you to stop getting so much done. He thinks he will get a promotion if you start to look bad. So he gives you bad news whenever possible. "I'm really worry we're all going to get fired, don't you?" "No one appreciates us." "I don't think the boss likes your attitude."
Of course, the most popular Chaos Merchants create the bad news you see on television, in newspapers and on the Internet. The more terrifying the news, the more people will listen to them or read their articles.
These Chaos Merchants make us think we have to listen to them to protect ourselves. This makes them popular and helps them make money by selling advertisements.
1. Stop reading newspapers and news magazines. How does knowing all the bad news help you? (Answer = it doesn't.) Just completely cut out the bad news in your life.
Instead, read cheerful articles or an interesting book.
2. Stop watching the news on television. How does it help you or anyone to know about deaths, danger and catastrophes?
Instead, watch an upbeat show or take a walk.
3. Avoid people who like to pass on disturbing "news."
Instead, spend time with people who like to pass on cheerful news.
4. After 7-10 days, notice how you have been feeling.
5. If you are not sure if the Chaos Merchants really have any effect on you, do the above steps for 7-10 days. And then go back and read the newspapers, watch the news and listen to disturbing people for a few days. Notice how you feel now.
Nearly everyone who breaks off all association with Chaos Merchants notices benefits like these.
* You find other parts of your life are more interesting.* You notice your life feels less dangerous.* You eat better and sleep better.* You laugh more easily.* You are less afraid.* You feel healthier.* You feel calmer.
Give it a try!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

point of view

the basic thing which we need for being a successful person is our point of view towards our aim or destiny.
you have to keep in mind that it is we only, who decide to how to reach there. it is we only who can see our ways of work for the aim. we have see create many ideas by our mind only. as we have many points in our mind for reaching at our destiny. it can only raise our individuality.
the successful person see only success cause of his/her demamd and his nature. he flow a bit of himself towards towards the aim and all his effort by its own towards that. similarly a person who is failing doesnot see success, his/her sees failure only. because in this world, there are two things only one is positive side and the other is negative side. and we have to choose one of them. the successful see only the positive side and moves towards that, then effortlessly moves near to that. cause here is , what you see is what you know and what you know is a result of what you see. its confusing.
actually there are sycles of failure and success made byu us iin our own memeory. we have to choose and change them. it can and i will. but onl;y thing is we have to be honest with ourselves only. so ,enjoyt the cylclic process, the road to success, you deserve that and it is you own destiny. stay happy.

Friday, July 11, 2008

expectations are excuses

expectations can be some times excuses in the way of your success, how it can be can bve reliased by you. it is very easy and easy to tackle by you youself.
first thing find and see what are you and try to know yourself. see on which way you are going, find you are on way of failure or success. check all your attitude toward work. what you do while working. check are you your self taking yourself towards success or failure.
or in other words, you should have knowledge about your way. if you have knowledge. by knowledge or knowing thngs ony you can lead yourself on way of success. cause behind failure is only lack of knowledge. tis knowledge you already have but your knowledge is not awaken. you have awake that only. as an example:- you know how to drive the car, but the only thing is that you dont have have knowledge and that much courage in your self for driving or handling the car. you just have to gain that and learn how to put down the gears and give acceleration.
go on the this way you will surely get success. find yur mistake and keep always on the track of succes. i would like to have more knowledge if anyone is having please do share with me.
"How to Set Exciting Goals You Can Reach"
By setting exciting goals, you gain several benefits. Your work and time pays off better as you are making progress. You make smarter decisions as you recognize opportunities when they pop up.
Goals that make you passionate bring out your confidence, give you more control over the direction of your life and generate new energy. You even feel happier.

do any thing.

the simple word which came in my mind, is that for attaining success do any thing. means any type of efforts will work if it is done for achieving your own goal. fight for that, stay angry, break your own heart , live alone anything .
but keep in mind that, no other should get any type of hurt from that. it is quite confusing to understand my words. but think by giving you yur own time and think yourself at other place first. if it is ok then move like an elephant for your success. this is the simple way and i think some better ways are there too but will tel later

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

keys to success

Key to Success: 10 Success Tips for Maximum Achievement
First off, I would echo the voice of 18th century French philosopher Voltaire, made popular and relevant in today's leadership lexicon by "Good to Great" author Jim Collins, who said, "Good is the Enemy of Great."
1. "Good is the Enemy of Great." Get rid of the good to make room for the great in your life. Instead of keeping the main thing the main thing, we major in too many minor things. In other words, many people do a few things that are good, a lot of things that are mediocre, but nothing that is GREAT.
Find the ONE thing you can be the best in the world at and focus unrelentingly on improving that one thing, polishing it to perfection.
Choose great over good in ALL areas of your life! It is far better to have a few great things than a lot of good or mediocre things.
Instead of having six cheap shirts that you don't feel so great in, have one fine quality shirt that you can feel proud to wear and that makes you feel like a million bucks! Instead of having five or six ho-hum paintings to decorate your walls, invest in ONE magnificent masterpiece that leaves you breathless and enriches your soul every time you look at it! Instead of going to the usual cottage retreat every long-weekend, save up your money and go on one GREAT vacation that you've always dreamed of like going on a European boat-cruise, snorkeling in the Red Sea, or taking an art class in Paris. Instead of many mediocre friendships, have a few great friendships that energize and inspire you and that you can spend quality time fostering deeper relationships. You get the point.
Greatness is a choice! And choice is the democratic equalizer of all people. Everyone, regardless of their rank, social status or income level has the power to choose great over good.
2. Commit to an annual theme. Instead of making and breaking a number of well-wished but half-hearted New Year's Resolutions, commit to an annual or lifetime theme. Pick a theme that defines your singular life purpose or what you are most passionate about and stick to it.
For example, my theme is: "Write First!" I have this theme posted right in front of me above my computer. My purpose is to write.
I write first and ask questions later. I focus on writing (or things related to developing my writing) first and then worry about the urgent but non-important interruptions (paying bills, answering calls and emails, responding to invitations, etc.) that plague everyone. This theme takes precedence over everything else except my spiritual relationship with my Creator. The only exception to this rule would be a genuinely important priority that falls in one of my top values in life or attending to a family emergency.
Your main theme could be "Family First!" or "Health First!" or "Listen First!" or "Service Above Self." Just pick one and commit to it.
Beside your main theme, make a list of your top values such as love, health, giving, peace, wealth, etc. to ground yourself and distinguish between important and non-important but urgent matters. In his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin listed thirteen virtues (Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, Sincerity, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Tranquility, Chastity, and Humility) to which he governed his life and gave a week's strict attention to mastering one virtue at a time repeating the list in order every thirteen weeks.
3. Practice a policy of planned neglect. In other words, once you have established your theme or singular purpose (the one thing you can be the best in the world at) get into the habit of practicing your main habit FIRST before anything else.
Everything else that's non-important can get neglected and keep getting put-off. In other words, your daily to-do list will keep changing around your main theme which will remain constant – with very few exceptions.
4. Make a stop doing list. I'm not sure where I first heard this idea, but I borrowed it most recently from Jim Collin's book, "Good to Great." Too many people have important to-do lists that keep getting longer and longer. But very few people have 'stop-doing' lists. Make a list of everything you are doing that is not contributing to your core genius or main purpose and core values – and stop doing it! Forget about your image and what other people will think, and STOP doing what's not great in your life.
5. Be Simple. Get rid of the good to make room for the great. Literally! Get rid of the junk in your basement and file folders!
Anything you haven't touched or looked at in a year you probably need to get rid of it. Donate books and magazines you haven't read and clothes you know you're never going to wear. Empty your mind and physical space of unnecessary clutter and make room for abundance! (Daily meditation is a great way to empty the mind and allow new inspiration).
6. Make HEALTH a priority NOW! Get a full physical check-up at least once a year. If something's bothering you or you don't feel right about something, get it checked out IMMEDIATELY! Don't wait, until it's too late. Take a proactive approach to your health by taking preventative measures, eating healthy and exercising regularly. And make LOVE a top priority. If you haven't taken the time to tell your loved ones how deeply you value and love them, then make time for it now.
Are you still reading this article? WHY? Pick-up your phone, right now, and call your doctor to make that appointment! Call your loved ones now and book some real quality time together. Life is short and fragile. You may never get the chance again.
7. Dreams. The dream is a window into your soul, a gateway into the unseen world, giving access to the unknown and revealing the invisible behind all that is visible. In my book, "Psychology of the Hero Soul," (; Chapter 14; pg. 77) I mention the importance of dreams and how to harness your dreams to awaken your creative potential. I can't stress enough how important it is to get into the habit of jotting down your dreams and making an effort to interpret them. It is a great way to develop self-awareness and self-understanding and will enrich your life in many, many unforeseen ways.
Self-awareness and self-acceptance is so important in developing your self-esteem. Take the time to seriously ask yourself, "Who am I and what's my purpose in life?" Write down your strengths and weakness, your highest ambitions and deepest fears, and make a list of everything you enjoy doing and all your hobbies. Take some personality tests to gain deeper understanding of who you are.
8. Face the brutal facts! Never hide from reality. Always get the hard facts about any situation you are facing. It doesn't matter if you have a Harvard MBA and are the world's greatest optimist if you pick the wrong location to open up a retail business!
Likewise, face the brutal facts about yourself. If you haven't even come close to achieving your dreams and goals, you need to honestly ask yourself why you haven't reached your goals and figure out what has been preventing you. A great way to accomplish this is to ask a few friends you trust and who know you the following question: "How do you see me limiting myself?" (I have Jack Canfield to thank for this great question).
Once you have the facts and fully understand the problem, spend over eighty percent of your time focusing on the solution.
9. ASK for help! If you need help, ask for it. If you don't ask, you don't get. Ask for the sale, ask for the date, ask for support. Stop worrying about your image, reject the rejection, and ASK!
But don't just be a taker. Please also give. Earn the right to ask by being a giver. Be a generous giver because whatever you put out into the world will return multiplied. The hero's journey is about following your bliss, and doing what you love to do in service to others. "Service above self," is a great motto to adopt.
10. Take Action! In my Hero Soul book, I have dedicated an entire chapter on taking action. The great succeed by taking continuous and concerted action toward a singular objective. And they continue to take unrelenting, consistent action for a period of years before becoming overnight successes.
If you do just five new things every day towards achieving your biggest dream, you will one day be living your dream and as Thoreau once said, 'meet with a success unexpected in common hours.'
But if you aren't going to take action on the advice in this article, why the heck are you reading it? Move on to something else!
One of my favorite movies is "The Shawshank Redemption" (based on Stephen King's short story, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption) about a successful banker, Andy Dufresne, who is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife. I'm sure many of you have seen it.
For nineteen years Dufresne quietly chips away at his goal to escape by literally chipping the wall in his cell – a little bit every day – until one day he reaches his goal and escapes.
His jail buddy, Red, comments that all it took "was pressure and time."
I don't think I've ever seen any movie replayed so many times on TV. It really intrigued me. So I did some research and found out that according to IMDB, The Shawshank Redemption is the second most popular movie of all time with The Godfather taking first place! That's quite the accomplishment given how long The Godfather has been out.
Why is this movie so popular? I don't really know the answer. But I think it's because many people feel like they're living in a prison and have been given a life sentence to doing work they really hate. They want to break free from their shackles.
More than anything else, they want FREEDOM! And Shawshank delivers that moment of freedom. It's a beautiful story that makes the soul weep with joy and provides the hope and promise of being human.
The great thing about Shawshank is that it also provides a solution: by quietly chipping away at your main goal and consistently taking action everyday, you will achieve the success and freedom you have been longing for. With 'pressure and time' you can take the darkest coal and turn it into the most brilliant, most magnificent diamond the world has ever seen.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

show emotions

getting emotional is not to cry, bnot to feel sad. but it is the way to express internal thoughts. this is very necessary cause behind this is, when we react on any situation we also learn from that how we responded that situation and how we can face if that problem or situation comes again. emotions tells us what we are. what only needs our attention at the time when we are feeling anything.
let us take an example:- a person play the game of gamble, and in that game if he losses many times and wins twice or thrice then will not leave that game. sometimes he/she also fights but what all hew is doing is shwing his/her emotions in a different way. but he is not giving attention on his emotions. he/she is not giving himself any chance to think in a good way in which he/she can win or can leave that game. what he/she needs is only attention.
feeling internal emotions are very mucvh necessary. they give us time to think but we should not igore them.

first step

the first according to me is to never feel tired from inside. if somebody feels and thinks himself tired from in his own self then growth can't be achieved ever. to attain success, we have to work until we get our destiny. it is not necessary that your last destiny is realy or truely the last. that may be the beginning. so never get tired from inside. because inside courage or self is the one who only can take you to the destiny or so far.
sometimes these talks or saying words looks like words only, but only these words and you yourself can bring you to any position,designation or destiny where you want to be.
there are many ways also that is to seen from many ways. so changing thoughts about the problem can also be a way but work for that is needed from our side.