Thursday, September 25, 2008

stay near to happiness

everyone wants to be successful in life, but some of them get that because some reasons are there which causes them not to reach at their desired destiny. everyone wants happiness but some get and some waste their whole life in finding that.

i have found a little reason behind that, that is if you want to stay happy and in the mood of joy everytimw then, first you have to decide that I have to be happy and ever in laughing. second step be with them, you think i am comfortable and relaxed and happy and in the mood of joy. it will bring self happiness and exciting mood.

Next, after these two steps only you can have anything in life. anything. stay near to friends, happinesss, (near to god too if you feel relax with him, talk to him he will reply for sure.), anything in which you feel good and confident but not afraid of any body or anything.

last step complete your job work too cause if that is not completed then mind will stay in that every time.

after these you will be the happiest personon this world.

take care . plz comment what you think.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Its been 6 days ihave not written any post, cause i was not having something to write but this friday my lecturar asked me some quesion about myself and in that i got a bit jumbled . He then said when you don't know yourself then your life is waste or going to be waste, so that pinched me but i know and understand that truth pinchs but it is truth.

soon that day i start thinking about my self and describe my self to me. i took pages and wrote what i am, my intrest, my hobbies are. waht i want and waht i don't. I also noted the time i waste and utilize. this is necessary and veyr uch needy to me. I made two coloumn and then wrote my hobbies and intrest.

then i came to know, i haave intrest in many things like tennis, cricket, football, in many games that is for fun, for knowledge i like to read news paper coloumn incuding sports, politics, happening, and many knowledge providing coloumns. In movies I like to see action, sometimes fun, sometimes love and romance, emotions generally. these all told me that i am having intrest in these only and i do all these for increasing my knowledge, stunt ability in me, ability to take decision, these all are not waste but goes waste when i don't have any effect of that on me. these all also tell that, i have knowledge of every thing but deep knowledge is missing at every point that sinks me. knowledge in depth is must cause it makes able to stand and speak infront of anyone cause deep knowledge brings confidence.

then i departed or filled the coloumn of hobbies, so that brought writing notes and playing guitar, teaching guitar, teaching students who are younger than me. so my hobbies were less.

so i came to conclude that intrest are what we like to do and hobbies are those intrest which becomes part of our daily life and we love to do them. but keeping in mind that every point about hobby should beclear so that you don't fail to explain or tell answers for them. so hobby's total and complete knowledge is needy.

then choose your success, cause hobby or intrest can make you successful. because you know them completely. that can and will bring success.

it is very important topic and everyone who has not made him to this level should think and do this. it is important step for life. which i came to understand now. thanxto my lecturar.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


What i came to know from me tommorow and what i examined by myself, if we have any dream and if we want something from the true depth of our heart then it surely comes to us many a times, but what needs is our attention and how we response to it. it can be in front of eyes at any moment but at that time some extra care is need to be present there with us.
some efforts are also needed there as our heart should have maximum greed for that and love should be there, so that we can do any thing for that. sometimes it doesn't comes but wait and patience is required at that moment. so be calm and relaxed but attentiveness and care should not forgotten at any moment.
it will be with us aill be as i have.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Memory for Success

"What role does memory plays in success"

I was thinking about how the memory works and some point came in mind too reach my success or destination. memory is an important aspect for life and reaching its goals too.

I starts from how the memory works ?

  • It depends on us how we want to learn , if we learn any topic or any point by soully concentrating mind in that topic then it will not get forgetten by us easily. but here a point also matters for how much time we want that topic in our course of duration that for how much time we want that topic not to be forgotten by us.

  • memory works like a pencil if that pencil left impression dark then it will be remove from the page after a long time but if work done with that is light then it will be removed soon.

  • some points which are recently read might get forget by us on the same date but if read carefully and topic is of our intrest then might be whole topic will be there in mind. but if however the topic is not intrested then also the topic is there in mind but recalling would be difficult. then we need to have a look.

  • some part of the memory remain always in active state due to its regular and unlimited use. but if memory at that end too start working by own then mental disorder will occur.

  • sentiments also plays an important role in reminding things, if anything occured with joy, sorrow, love, anger , etc then that thing will be there in mind forever and if any situation like that occurs again accidently then that whole topic will get rewind by itself. you don't even have to think of reminding that.

  • memory never looses what it has once, what it needs is only rivison

What i have FOUND about MEMORY

  • memory is network of chain, or it works as a chain. if all notes of it are tight and have strength in it (that depends upon its manufacturing material and method) if one note of chain is weaker then the next part of chain will get affected by its own. but it doesn't mean that that next part is waste that will come in use for sure if make in use.

  • pictures or images are best way of learning and calling any topic, but it also needs full attention with it because some point then too get neglected at that time might cause the full picture not to come back in full in front of memory.

  • if memory works like underlines then lines get darken by regularly underlining that line that is rivison is emphasised.

please tell me what you think about memory work, and if i am left with anyview the please do suggest me,

Friday, September 5, 2008

My thoughts

"A man with bad temper is rellyy angry with himself"
what i think, anybody who always remain in anger needs lots of love and food. because when he/she is frustated or or not able to slve any problem then anger comes by itself. when nobodylistens him then anger comes . so to stop that anger give lots of care and love to him.
"love is the key to win anything"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Whose success is this ?

today i want to share my thoughts which are going inside me in these days, i am totally feeling my self unable to do any thing for their help.

tell me, if a lady's husband drinks and he beats his wife and say bad about her parents and even to the extent of making her relation with those who are going on roads, so what will be the condition of that lady. can anybody imagine what she has to face every day, how she is living with him. (i know if she was in some other country than INDIA, then she might have made a new relation but here she has to think about her parents, rituals and culure, INDIA is still a country where a divorced lady has to face many words of relatives and neighbourer. even if every body knows what is the condition of her husband still then they would say the girl might have some problem.) what she thinks, what she wants nobody hears but what others want she has to do. it looks like that every body is imposing their thoughts or wants on her. but somewhere i thinks too confidence can let her to her destiny. do what is right.

similarly, what would be the condition of her child, if the child is so sensitive that he can understand at the age of 4 only. that small child has done anything wrong, what is his guilt. he donot want anything except love of his parents. some of his words " mummy would both of you will leave me alone forever, and would i have to saty alone" " dont you love me mummy" and at the same time his drunked dad is sleeping with him, who don't know anyting except that sleep. that loving and so pure kid has not done anything and has to face so many probems at that moment of age where he needs high attention.

what the mother has to do , please favour me to help her. and give your full response so that if you have any more query so that i can tell you more tohelp them.