Monday, October 27, 2008

love for success

LOVE, it is not only just a word. for some it is feelings, love in form of greed, in form of anger, in form of sex,in form of drawing, all starts from love and ends on love. so for success, it is necessary that you should fall in love in that work in which you, might be you are with agirl, with a company or organisation, anything .
Even some of the girls who fall in the business of prostittution or any thing like that, in actual they want love. similarly those who falls in the field of drug addiction or drinking habbit, in actual they want someone who can stay with them always in their mind. so love is their medicine from which they should be treated.
Even I think that, the person who becomes rapist, they also needs true love and true direction. if they get it then their is nothing in this world that can take them to that way.
love brings satisfaction and fulfillness with self.
and attaing the position of self is attaining god in self, so love yourself and then somebody else cause loving self is also necessary it tells what is our own personality.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rule the fear


If nothing ever scares you, success is easy. You never feel hesitant, shy or nervous. You take action.

However, when you do not act, it is probably because of fear.

Fear is the inability to face someone or something. You prefer to avoid it. When you cannot face an issue, it seems complicated or stressful.

For example, if you cannot talk about money with people, you have money problems. Whenever you need to ask for money or negotiate financial terms, you freeze. As a result, you earn less money.

If you are an employer, but cannot face staff conflicts, production statistics decline. Work becomes serious. Since no one resolves the staff problems, they persist while your business suffers.

Avoiding topics with your spouse is a common reason for marriage problems. Your fears block your communication. Hiding, withholding or suppressing your feelings and thoughts from your spouse is a giant leap toward divorce.

how fears are like shadows. If you reach out and take action despite your fears, you will discover how thin and weak the fears really are!

To illustrate this point, he wrote, "On Lake Tanganyika* the natives have a very interesting way of catching fish. There on the equator the sun shines straight down through the clear water. The natives take blocks of wood and string them along a long rope. They stretch this rope between two canoes and with these abreast begin to paddle towards the shoal** water. By the time they have reached the shoals, schools of fish are piled and crowded into the rocks and onto the beach. The blocks of wood on the rope make shadows which go all the way down to the bottom of the lake and the fish, seeing the approach of these shadows and the apparent solid bars which they form in the water, swim fearfully away from them and so are caught." -

Four Ways to Shine Light on Your Shadows

1. One effective method is drilling or role playing. You identify a circumstance that gives you fear. You pretend to face the situation in a role-playing exercise. Drilling allows you to discover which parts of the problem are really problems and which are simply shadows.

For example, you need to ask your boss for a raise. Before talking to him you practice the conversation with your friend. You work out some details, change your approach and work out your best possible presentation. Because you are prepared for the meeting, you are not as nervous.

2. Another method of reducing fear is to approach the problem with gradient steps. You cut the problem into smaller pieces. You successfully deal with the small parts and thus reach a full resolution.

For example, you need to fill out a 10-page government tax form. Instead of trying to take on the entire task in one day, you decide to just fill out the first page and then quit.

One page is much easier than ten pages! The next day, you decide to tackle pages two and three.

You continue like this and before you know it, you have completed the form. You have conquered your fear.

3. Talking about the fear can reduce the effects of fear. After you openly discuss it with someone who listens, the problem often feels less difficult.

For example, you are afraid of flying in an airplane. Your spouse agrees to listen to you and you spill your guts. You describe everything about flying that scares you. After a while, you decide you can fly.

talking and listening is a powerful form of therapy, when done correctly. As a result, you can completely remove your fears. For more information, click the link at the end of this article.

4. In many cases, the best approach to dealing with a fear is to close your eyes and jump in. You face the fear without any regard for your feelings and emotions. You might get nervous or even terrified, but once you take the leap, you discover the big monsters are merely shadows.

Confronting a fear can be tough, but the reward is enormous.

Succeeding, despite a fear, means you have done something you could not do before. And that is real success!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am the King, i am the slave. I am the rich, I am the poor.

I am the right, I am the wrong. I am the truth, I am the false.

I am the friend, I am the enemy. I am the winner, i am the looser,

I am the Life, I am the death. I am the weaker, I am the powerful.

I am the lover , I am the one who Hates. I am the religion , I am the unreligious.

I am the maker, I am the destroyer. I am the giver, I am the taker.

I am the one who gives birth. I am the one who kills.

I am writer, i am the reader. I am the speaker , I am the listner.

I am the finder, I am the hider. I am what I have decided to be.

so then wy all are fighting with each other for showing their presence in this beautiful. only love for everyone is the solution and saving earth for our lives is our duty and nothinh\g else except these two is our work.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Power and Knowledge are the things which can take anyone from bottom to the top of this world. Sometimes some parents like mine says that do concentrae on your study first and then on other things. but somewhere i stand somewhere else from them and their words.

i believe and trust that " Power comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from the efforts of the mind and mind has to use power of its own and body" . so am i correct in your thinking. i have some thought6s which i am writing in quotes below:-

1. knowlegde can let us to the top of world in the queue of intelligents.

2. Power let us to rule over those who think we are intelligent.

3. power also let us to rule over those who make some lines and let others to follow them.

4. Intelligence sometimes may be with a poor man but the power of something can only change his life.

5. The combination of not of these can lead to win anything in this world except some truth like love in this world cause love stays outside of these two. i am talking about true love, not that which can be purchased and sold.

what you think of my thoughts and beliefs, so friends comment me on this, so i can add some thing more for success.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Made another Blog

Yes I have made another blog, that includes my hobby and intrest. and that is all about CARS and BIKES. so get all the related informations about FEATURES of the NEW CARS and BIKES, including many news going on in the field of RACES.

GOing to be a fun. HAVE A LOOK AT THAT, recently added a news from F1 races.