Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am talking about my own country's known animal. it is TIGER. but the truth is they are coming to end very fast or if i say they are disappearing from our's mother land or i think from the beautiful earth. this beautiful and large land of earth is not made for us human beings only but also for those who are not living in our neighborhood.
Do you think smetimes, that if only humans alone of their kind are left on this world , so what is left to see on this earth.
the number of tigers in INDIA, which were around 5000 five years back, they are now 1410 only or approximately closer to that number. what we are seeing now is counting the numbers but is this enough. no, i think just looking into the figure or worrying for it is waste. so what should we do as a normal reader or writer of blog is that we can spread awareness to everyone. and by this only we can't do oue best but we can do the least. so if anyone of u is reading my blog so plz write into ur blog about the decreasing number of species in your country or area. plz make people aware of this bad situation. so that each and every living being feel easy to live on this beautiful earth....


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