Friday, August 16, 2013

Interview questions on HP UX 11.31i part 3

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Found some good questions on HP UX 11.31interview. My greed to learn UNIX is increasing day by day.

1. How to configure autofs in HP UX.
2. What are the services which we have to start after configuring AUTOFS.
3. What are the permissions and ownership required for NFS and AUTOFS file sharing?
4. How to create NPAR i.e. first VPAR?
5. How to assign resources to VPAR?
6. What is the minimum resource required to create a NPAR?
7. What is the minimum resource required to create a VPAR?
8. What is the process to boot an NPAR
9. How to boot a VPAR from other VPAR.
10. How to change the mode of VPAR to boot into NPAR.
11. Booting a system into NPAR/VPAR mode from EFI SHELL?
12. What is the significance of EFI SHELL?
13. Do we need to reset the NPAR before creating new NPAR? what is the command to reset NPAR configuration from EFI SHELL?
14. Can we assign resources on one VPAR from other VPAR? If Yes, then how and If not then why?
15. What is VPMON?
16. What is the Software name required for installing VPAR? In which OE version that software is available (BASE OE/VSE OE/DCOE)
17. What is the use of vparenv command?
18.What does VPARSTATUS -A?
19. How to boot cell and partition from MP console?
20. What is the DB file of VPAR and what is its location and its significance?

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