Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to check version of NTP + Hp UX

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We were looking for NTP version installed on the hp ux server. but couldn't get the information using swinstall, swlist -l product, swlist -l fileset, swlist -l patch, swagent.log. After trying so many things we checked in

ntpq"prompt" version
"it will show the installed version of NTP"

NTP prompt is ntp"greater than arrow sign", {I dont know how can i enable the arrow signs here, as greater than or smaller than sign changes into some code after clicking on publish of post}
. Sorry for the inconvenience.

1. Somewhere i read on google, that "ntpd -v" will show the version of NTP. Or /usr/sbin/ntpd -v or /usr/sbin/xntpd -v will show the version but this was not available on  V3 and V2.

2. Also the /etc/rc.config.d/netdaemon files and /etc/ntp.conf  do not carry exact information about the version of NTP.

3. yes also Read on HP forum that the by default version of NTP which comes with 11.31 V3 is NTP verison 3.5.

4. The latest release from HP is version 4.2.6, not yet recommended by HP to upgrade the version.

5. Now to automate and check the version on large number of server, we can use a script or command. like below :-

If you are using any tool to get all information from all server from one server then it is very fine. you can use below command and extract information from the same.

 #"hostname; echo 'version' |ntpq; echo 'ntpversion' |ntpq"


#echo 'version' |ntpq

it will show the output, you not need to  give an input manually to ntpq prompt. after this you can redirect the output to some file also.

6. echo 'version' is giving its output to ntpq prompt and using this we can get the version of NTP.

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