Monday, September 21, 2015


Dear Friends,

We are very much amazed by the launch of Digital phones and their new applications, they leave us in a state of illusion happening in front of us because we like the changes that we can see and feel. Is the life belong to only those who have eyes and can see the world using them. My question and thought may feel not new to you, but the idea i have with me carries a vision and energy to push our electronic or digital world more further.
                               We all know life is precious and we love it more than any thing, we take dreams, some of us live that dream as well with their efforts or by God grace. but what about those who see dreams and if they make it happen also, they still can't  see it. Imagine a blind who can touch and say that in front of him is a bus, he can describe the shape but in reality he cannot see it, he cannot explain the colors,etc. the life of a blind is very difficult here in developing countries, i really do not know how developed countries are dealing with their problems. it is not only about providing a seat in Train, in a bus, on airplane, a keeping a reservation for a job for blind or challenged person. these are small steps for them to improve their living standards.
My thought is on a new gadget, which can allow them to see and hear what is in front of it. I am an Engineer so thinking is from that background only. this gadget will help them to hear what is in front of them, called LIVE CAMERA SCANNER and SPEAKER. The blind is not a curse to any society in any way, instead they have more qualities than a human who can see. they see life from a different view. now how this LIVE CAMERA SCANNER RECORDER and SPEAKER works.
This gadget is a spec that is connected to a digital diary carrying database and application. it will read any thing in front of the glass and get back to database to query that what it is and once the database verifies that the image is known and matches with a database of alike shape and features then the same name will be said in the Blind's ear and Blind can recognize the thing and move forward with his superb intelligence.
lets take an example:- A person who is completely blind and cannot see anything, but can hear any small voice clear will wear this spec or glasses. Assume he is crossing a road or want to board a bus, then this glass will work as a live camera and will capture the very recent image which is in front of him and go to database to inquire about the same, once database say that this image matches the features of a road or bus then will speak in the ear of blind person. and that signal will help blind to cross the road by himself or climb the bus when it stops in front of him. He will be able to help himself. Yes the database and language required for this gadget should be able to work on live scenarios and ability of size of database should be enough capturing and carrying photographs. If he is able to hear the voice and he knows that in front of a bus is coming then their is no chance he will ever carry a stick or act like a dependent.
Another example:- if he stays in a home, the basic requirements are to know the stairs, to know which floor is it, to know where is the door, to know where is the washroom, and to recognize the name of the person who is standing in front of him if the other person doesn't speak a word.  in this way he can make himself more secure if the other person is his friend or enemy. everything will be spoken in his/her ears with in very shot span of time and he will be able to recognize with the help of this gadget.
this idea if already developed then i may the person who doesn't know it, and if developed also then please make this available in developing countries as they demand more because a Developed country makes more arrangement for physically challenged than a developing country. I can't see a blind man touching, imagining and then feeling who is in front of him.
                                            About Gadget, the gadget will surely not cost to high as it will only carry this application and database, speaking feature and a calling one.
Kindly share what you think of this idea and what are the chances of its social usage. there are lot to say about this idea and to do. need your positive comments to boost up this gadget development. I Do hope that one day blind will be able to see like us. Blind will see for sure. they will have eyes.

Thanks for reading
Amit Chopra

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