Saturday, January 9, 2016

Yes, A Blind can see .. A thought A Dream.

My Dear Friends,

On the same idea of a "BLIND CAN SEE", My nephew and niece, who are age of 11 and 5 years respectively have come with an idea of drawing the image of the same, describing the gadget details and other things relating to it. very beautiful drawing they have drawn. feeling happy. God bless both of them.

The idea may be complicated, may include cost, but yes if this idea comes in real then A blind who cannot see will be able to listen the word in his/her language using this gadget.

Drawing of a blind person crossing the road using this device 

How Device works
The Gadget will be kept in the pocket of the person,
1. He/She will be wearing spects,
2.  the spects working as a camera/scanner will scan the image in front of it. 
3. The scanner after scan will check the database within the device.
4. After checking the databse, the device will speak up the name of the image using speaker in the ears of the person who cannot see.
5. The person will hear the name of the object with a little bit of description about the image in the individual's native language. 
6. Once the person hears the image name or description will be able to take a decision or action accordingly or We can see that the Individual will be able to decide to take action.
Example of the activities the person will be able to perform are like
1. Crossing the road,
2. Eating food including description of what type of food is in front of him, 
3. knowing who is the person standing beside or opposite to him with the description.
4. there can be any kind of obsrtuctions, etc. this device will help him in his daily life to live like a normal person who has eyes.   

Gadget includes following device, It includes A camera, A Scanner, A Headphone/Speaker, A Translator, An Adaptor ... The Adaptor helps the device to charge from cell phone or from a battery or power bank.

Will try to write more on it.. please comment positvely

Love sharing
Amit Chopra

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