Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is death a success for god

Is death really a success for god, he takes our most lovable thing/person or love from us and then we are left with only the moments we spent with our love.

one of my friend age 25years passed away yesterday in a road accident near (pragati maidan) . the accident happened with a bus and his bike came under the bus. and in a single next moment he died.

about him, a very nice person, a guy with pure heart, he just want o stay with friends and share love with them or us. a person well built and nice persona. never hursted any one.

but i want to ask from God that why him, there are so many on earth, who can't see anyone happy except them. many are their who just want to kill some body else. many are wasting their lives at pubs, at roads, fighting, involved in bad habbit. so why they don't die.

why are they living on this pure earth. why they are here. as god wants earth should be clean and pure, so why don't he call them.

i am angry with my god somewhere. but can't do anything. he just take and don't see anything. like the screaning and yelling sounds of sisters, mothers, and friends. he don't even come to give shoulder to the father of the dies person.

we can just do a thing that we can try to be like our friend, we can try to have his good habbits with, we can remember him in every happy moment...........

love to my friend's soul. may he get a good journey ahead. may he be with god this time. some white roses for him.

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