Thursday, January 8, 2009

success for my dear friend

I am writing this in what sense i see my friend's behaviour. i don't know how is he acting now a days.
he is not doing anything just wasting his time in orkuting, chating, roaming here and there. just sleeping for 10-12 hours a day. i don't know why he is not trying to improving his life's standard. i don't want, that he should work according to me or work as i say. but i want him in working and moving mode. he is not even trying to work. i told him to work on improving his pronounciation and increasing vocabulary for english. I have told and made him understood about the condition of the competitive world. he don't even want to stay up to date about how. even his and his family condition is not so well. his father is retired, but i don't know why he don't want to do any job.
even if i see myself, i don't do much of work in a day. but still i believe and faith on me that i utilise some of my time for my work.
i don't know what should i tell him that he starts working and try to improve his life's style. he just want o spend time in chating with girls, (even i want this too) but i will do it later or side by side . actually he spend all of the time in thinking about the gals talks. he is my best friend , so i want him at the top of this whole world, i am happy with all his talks with gals. i am happy with all his funny talks. but i am angry when he doesn't do his work for earning his own life.
I have decided a thing that i should leave on his own way, so that he can alone decide what he wants. i now want him alone, so that he can think what he wants to do.

should i do some thing else. please tell me if u think i am wrong in my decision somewhere.

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