Saturday, January 17, 2009

only for success of soul

only for success of soul.........................
hey, today i came to know that this world doesn't want anuthing except love. all are living for love and having in his/her/their arms. If i start from the small new born baby. it wants love of mother, cries for milk due to love. stays in her warm arms due to love. then baby comes in age of teens, needs direction to go in right direction leading to success and growth but all occurs due to love again, love is basic need behind all. again when adult age arrives need of a friend who can share feeling of love and anger, love is the solution of anger again. so love apperars in opposite sex. force himself towards that. now when marriage comes, all things happens, a good relation and a bond needs love only so that they can live together for whole life with love. when old age comes love is the only thing which an old age person finds and wants again, death for love, to be with soully with god, beloved or anybody else. whose thoughts always went in the mind of a person for whole life. so love is the sole purpose of life . so why to leave love in this beautiful life. we should open our hands and accept in any form. we should kiss it many times not one.

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Anonymous said...

very true friend..we are supposed to love all but then we end up judging ppl...Sri Ramakrishna paramahansa once said "if you waste your timme judging people when will you love them?"
brilliant post..i like it becuse its short and sweet(sahi mayne mein)
(forgive me for advertising....i hate to do this...cant help:))