Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who are we

It seems sometimes to me a simple question. but when it is seen deeply then feels like WHO ARE WE? is a very big question. which we have to find and after that we need to find WHY ARE WE HERE? and after that question comes other questions like HOW ARE WE? and HOW WE HAVE TO BE? WHAT WE HAVE TO LOOK FOR? WHERE WE ARE AT PRESENT?

Are we doing anything good for Humanity?
Are we doing anything good for other living beings on earth or we just want to eat them or everything for our selfishness.
What is the purpose of our birth?

What i come to a conclusion is, we all have to work and live until death calls us. God or Almighty has sent us for his works and to complete them. every person every living being born with a purpose of giving. so what is the purpose of asking or begging for anything.


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