Sunday, September 30, 2012

Who is Poor

The first thing which comes in our mind, when we hear this word "POOR" is The Man who earns very less and hardly lives his life. But is this true, Is it really this term means, What your think? How do you see a POOR man? what you try to find in a person?  We need to find the answer in ourselves first of all.
                                                       According to some observation which i did at my personal level. Poor is He/She who do not understand what basic requirements are. Not food and clothes, but attitude, Behavior, respect to other as Human Being. We now, feel like Money will bring every happiness, Money will take us somewhere to heaven and we will be on the top of GOD too someday. It makes me feel like, why I born in this world, shall i also respond like people who are killing each other for the sake of money. which will remain for some days for last for some decade (if managed anyhow) but how long. Why we don't understand the Humanity. I may be using some BIG and heavy words, which may not be digestible by some people. Hunger for food is fine, but Hunger for Money, Hunger for Lust, Hunger for living a Royal life. Why we do not care about our coming generations, Our Nature which has given us everything fresh. Why we are destroying it.
I the BIG "I" in us not dieing and killing others for its own existence. even if we consider one's life. one is not able to live properly when I in him exist. now a days, We all are having an invisible knife or pistol in our hands. With which we are not directly killing others because just of some left fear  from getting caught by Police or punishment. but we indirectly making a person less able than us not to live and kill himself. Mangers are keeping their feet on their subordinates and want to grow and want to be in eyes of his/her Managers. People who have some little knowledge too, they do not share knowledge because they fear if he/she or subordinate took his place then what will happen. we all are scared in inside us only. We are not open to a person until we find a person giving some benefit to us.
 We are Poor in terms of our Thoughts, Positive attitude, behavior, living life.

Please suggest some ideas to overcome these.                                

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