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How to remove Logical Drive + HP UX

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We may sometimes need to remove logical drive online in HP UX 11.31i

* First step we can do is check with sautil utility, i.e. sautil /dev/ciss0.
* The same can be checked with saconfig /dev/ciss0, it will also show how many disks and in which logical drive they all fall and belongs. this command can be used to identify BAY of the disk which are used in the Logical drive.
* SAM and SMH can also be used for checking disk details and we can also check wether Logical Drive made is in use or not. screenshot attached below.

Note :- please do it with proper planning only.


The saconfig command is a command line configuration tool for the HP SmartArray RAID Controller Family. This command provides the ability to create a logical drive, add a spare drive to existing logical drive, display configuration, delete a logical drive, and clear configuration. This command also enables the cache when it is used to create the first logical drive on the SmartArray RAID Controller. Furthermore it allows the option of changing the percentage of total cache size used for read caching and write caching. The auto-fail missing disks at boot feature can be enabled or disabled using this command.

saconfir command o/p :-

---------- LOGICAL DRIVE 1 ----------
Device File     = c0t0d1
RAID Level      = 1+0
Size            = 139982 MB
Stripe Size     = 128 KB
Status          = OK
Participating Physical Drive(s):
Ct  Enc  Bay         WWID
2I    1    4  0x5000c5000eb332ad
2I    1    3  0x5000cca015432435

Participating Spare Drive(s):

* Now After confirmation that the disk is not being used anywhere i.e in any VG any LV. when confirmed thne you can run delete saconfig. syntax is below.

# /opt/raidsa/bin/saconfig /dev/ciss0 -D 1
Are you sure you want to delete logical drive 1 on
SmartArray RAID controller /dev/ciss0? (y/[n]): y
Logical drive 1 deleted

Now those two disk are free now to be exracted and can be used in any other server for space requirement.

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