Saturday, March 30, 2013

We are Slaves !

Hey Friends,

A thought struck in my mind, that what our life is and we are heading it towards.

The first thought came in mind:-

* We are slaves of our Thought.
* We are slave of our desires which took birth from Thought.
* We are slaves of our work, which is done for achieving the desire.
* We are slaves of our targets, which is part of work.
* We are slaves of Money, which we get after achieving targets.
* Money brings more thoughts and then desires arises.
* Then this cycle repeats.

The Second thought comes in mind:-

When we are doing all above things, we get indulge in above activities like any thing.

* We forget to live our lives.
* We forget to think freely. which can take us to any height which we desire.
* We forget to work for others. with those we are living.
* We forget to give time to our lovely families. for those we are earning.
* We forget to manage our selves.

The Third thought which comes in mind:-

* We need to fulfill our day to day needs,
* sometimes we are not able to fulfill those needs also. How this problem can be overcome, I donot know and still have to learn about it.

and in this two player are playing with our lives,  DESIRE and NEED.

As i see fault in myself , I am slave of giving suggestion to others.

Love Sharing
Amit Chopra


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