Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Interview question on HP UX 11.31 Part 4

Hi Friends,

Got some basic questions with the span of time.

1. What is userdget command?
2. What is userdbset command?
3. How we can use find command to find the files with the specific files size?
ans. find /tmp -xdev -size +100000 -exec ll {} \;
it will find the size of files with size more than 100 MB. 
4. Mention few points on usage and measurement of resource on the server?
5. What is the difference between Socket, CPU, Processor, Logical Processor, Threads ?
6. What is the difference between Physical Memory, Cache, Virtual Memory and Swap Memory?
7. Define the columns of TOP, GLANCE, VMSTAT, IOSTAT ?
8. Do we have an option of measuring Memory with utility SAR in HP UX?
9. How can we make good use of VISUDO file?
10. What is the use of /etc/inetd.conf?
11. What is the use of /etc/nsswitch.conf?
12. If the login prompt takes time, then what is the cause?
13. How can we improve system performance?
14. What are the parameter that we can consider as a performance booster for the server?
15. What are the messaging tools available in HPUX?

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