Saturday, September 8, 2012

Crime and Money


I donot know from where I should start. I just want to say that there are too many thoughts in me which I just want to say and write. These are not just created in two three days but as the crime is increasing now a days, people can see violence anywhere.

Everyone want to rule, eat/snatch other's feed/part of life. People are killing each other for small anount of money only. what happened to all of us, why wer can't live happily. i will tell you a news, where a small girl of 3 years old was molested by a school Bus driver and conductor. and in the other case one boy of six years of old was molested by his cab driver. Why this hunger has increased so much. Sometimes i feel the Police department is week, or our Courts doesn't punishes brutly. sometimes they release on humantarian basis, or some other reason what ever they are. but why they are released. and what will happen if we hang them in mid of the road inspite of just sending them to jail where he can still get food and shelter. but why this is so, if he has not thought that time then why court is thinking of humanity.
There should be no relief for him. he should be hanged till death or he should be punished in the local ground where each and evrey one can see that this will be  the result. but still I feel that where i am playing role in saving small kids, what I am doing to help elders, What i am doing to give happiness and safety to others. why I am not doing anything. Why I cannot take charge of making things correct. I want to Join Arm Forces/ I want to join Police Force. I want to Join Administration services. But who is I in me, is it a common man,  is he a simple man who earns for just to have his three meals of the day, just to fulfill his needs and die after the age of 60 or 70. But What is the life now. have we changed anything, or will we be able to change anything excepet us.

Now i sometime feel why I should go to a temple/ Mosque/Gurudwara/Church, or shall i take everyone there if each and everyone become a good man. or I should sit at a place and pray for each and everysinle person on earth that each should get bread and shelter. Will this help? and If this is not happening then how things will change or God will himself come and destroy everything or will teach each and every human on earth. if this can happen then I will sit for my whole life and ask god please bring peace and respect in every human for each living being. And I donot know that who on the earth will take money from earth to heaven/anywhere he will go after death. there are so many things i have taken into consideration.

but for living life, living luxury life yes we need money. but where this money is taking us, i think to the hell.
what are the solutions according to you.

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