Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Directions to nowhere

I like to live my each day, like i spent today. I worked a lot today at office and resolved many issues. yes This I have to forget and keep my work in flow like river and keep learning new things. Accepting challenges and taking initiative is the thing i learn today.
Yes i discussed with my friend that what should I study/ with which Higher education should I go. sometimes friends are real consultants. I said him that i can do anything, still i do not know what should I do. He suggested me to hear my own decision my own heart's way. He said go with a decision. He also said to me that He knows I can do anything but putting efforts in direction is must required otherwise all efforts are waste. so just need to give direction to my efforts and flow again in the same manner.

Yes I came to know that or I realized that I do have lot of potential in me and I can put every breath of my to achieve a target.So now i am preparing for a defined goal and i will only then start my quick journey again. Thanks for a good learning to this day. Thanks to god, thanks to my Gobind.

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