Monday, December 31, 2012

HP UX 11.31i Interview questions

Some more questions which we used to face in interview.

1. How we can reset the password of MP in RX machines (rx 2660, rx 8640, etc. )?
ans. press the MP button for less than 5 sec and after that password will reset to Admin.
2. How we can reset the default MP configuration of RX machines?
ans. For this we have to press the MP button on extreem right side of machine for more than 10 second.
3. What is the command to check software installed on the HP UX server?
ans. swlist |grep -i "name of the software"
other related commands :-

swlist -l product "name of the software"
swlist -l fileset "name of the software"

4. What is the command to check and set the kernel parametre in HP UX?

ans. kctune |more  :-- it will show or list the kernel parameter which are set already.
       kctune "name of the parameter equal to desired value of the same "

5. What is the command to check enabled services?

cat /etc/services |grep -i "name of the service"

here we can also set the services (like services i.e on which port which service will run) by editing this file but be careful, take back of this file before editing it with vi or any editor.

6. What is the command to set network address, HOSTNAME on HP UX 11.31i

ans.  set_parms

set_parms will show below parameters which can be edited with this set_parms command

a. ip_address
b. hostname
c. locale
d. timezone
e. one or two more will be there in this list.

#set_parms ip_address

by using this command a window for setting ip address of the server will come and it will also ask for Gateway setting and netmask. please be ready with the details in advance.

and as you complete this process the IP ADDRESS will reset.

similarly with

#set_parms hostname

hostname will be asked to reset and as you reset the hostname will ask for reboot of the system. so inform the application teams first before changing the hostname of the server. you can cancel the request of set_parms also if you are not prepared and reached to that point.

7. What are the utilities available on the HP UX system?

some i remember, trying to putting it down for now. will keep writing further on this. these can directly be executed from # prompt that is root prompt or with sudo or as per given privilege.

a. sautil
b. glance :- can be run as a local user
c. smh or sam
d. sar :- a local user can execute
e. fcmsutil
f. scsimgr  which can be run like
#scsimgr lun_map
g. saconfig
h lanadmin
i lanscan

there are many others, which can be used with needful purpose.

8. above mentioned are powerful tools used for monitoring as well as configuration purpose.
where one like saconfig can be used for RAID configuration and glance gives a good monitoring of CPU, Memory processes and disk.

9. Some commands listed related to Logical volumes or Volume groups and PV physical volume.

a. pvdisplay /dev/rdisk/...
b. pvcreate -f
c. vgcreate
d. vgdisplay
e. vgexport
f. vgimport
g. vgmodify
h. vgextend
i. vgreduce.
j. vgcreate
k.  vgremove
l. ioscan -fn
m. ioscan -fnkC / device like fc  or lan
n. ioscan -m dsf
o. /usr/contrib/bin/vgdsf :- this can be used to change legacy path to persistant.
p. ioscan -m lun
q. lvextend -L
r. fsadm -b
s. and so many

 10. Most common things HP ask after logging a case with them. be prepared with these atleast so that processing of things with new case becomes easy.

a. for hardware failure, they used to ask for getsysinfo script output.
b. nickel o/p is also demanded.
MP logs

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