Saturday, December 29, 2012

Visit in this world

My questions to me......

1. I donot know, what i have born for?
2. If we are born by our Parents, then they only have the right to kill us not anyone else. Is there any punishment of law lie this?
3. What I want to be, Which profession should i choose. as sometimes i want to be the king  of the world or sometimes i think, if we are getting 3 meals and work to do in a day then thats it. we are complete then.
4. What are the things i have not seen or done in this world/ or why should i do?
5. What change i will or can bring, whose side should i choose? should i choose the path of nature or my own wishes to destroy by only consuming nature's resources?
6. Where i am now, What all life is, Where life will be after 5 years. It is not like that i donot have any plan, i do have, but does plan have any isurance?
7. Yes I love my parents, my brothers and sisters, my love, my kids and love my self.

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