Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Interview questions for HP UX 11.31i

Sharin some of the questions which are being asked frequently for HP UX 11.31i Interview.

the question level may differ for different user of HP UX admin.

1. What is command for measuring CPU and DISK utilisation?

Answer :- SAR is a utillty which is used.

$sar -Mu 2 5 will give the o/p for CPU utilization. it also shows how many CPU are there in your server.
$sar -d 2 5 will give the o/p pattern for disk utilized.

2 5 :- these can be changed for how long and with what duration you want the o/p of sar command.

2. What are the steps to troubleshoot a Hard disk failure?

Ans :- sautil is the utility which can be used to detect hard disk faliure.

/var/adm/syslog/syslog.log can also show the disk failure.

with ioscan -fnC disk (failed disk can be seen) bit this will not show any result if disk is completly failed. small corruptions or sector failure cannot be seen with it.

3. What is the booting sequence of HP UX 11.31i for rx2660 server, RX8640 nd HP 9000 server?
4. How to set the limit and kernel values in HP UX 11.31i
5. What is the command to verify the Patch implemented and verify it i correclty implemented.?
6. What is the command for adding/modifying/group moification/ownership changes in a directory?
7. What are the ways to boot from Ignite backup?
8. What is the command for ignite backup (make_net_recovery AvI  -s -x inc_entire=vg00
 and if on tape then make_tape_recovery -AvI -a /dev/rmt/0mn -x inc_entire=vg00
9. How we can change the password policy?
it is through /etc.default/security file only. after that you need to rerun the /sbin/init.d/secsh services. and shd services.
10. What is the command to check running services?
ps -ef |grep -i
11. what is the command to check on which port the service is running?
then we can check through netstat -an |grep -i or

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Ranjeet Giri said...

Thanks a lot Amit,I read all questions and answers carefully.
This questions will help in coming HP-UX interview,Please upload more
HP-UX interview questions in same.

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