Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to send mail with an atttachment HP UX

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Thanks for those good friends working on HP UX forum or many other forums, I learnt how to send an email with an attachment from HP UX due to them only. I stuck a bit in starting but found in 4th or 5th search.The attachment can be obtained in the same format. I tried to have attachment of the form gunzip.Below is an example.

an example:- if you an attachment of .gzip format on HP UX. like


then to send this file through mailx or sendmail

#/usr/bin/uuencode myname.gzip myname.gzip |mailx or


#/usr/bin/uuencode myname.gzip myname.gzip |mailx -m " Filename or urdesiredname"

this showed a different result, it sent message to filname, to or and to urdesiredname also @ server"

to me it showed some text message or warning in output for saving message in ded.letter. that i donot know now. will check and learn more on it. Will learn or read more on it.

* for any domain if firewall allows.

Then through mail, I obtained the myname.gzip file.

yes UUENCODE, we can get the attachment in different format. for the same we can consult manuals.
Thanks a lot HP forums to make knowledge available for all.

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