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What is the difference between PA-RISC and ITANIUM boot sequence HP UX

Difference between PARISC and Integrity Boot Sequence

Adding to my knowledge. Learning taken from HP and google..
Boot Overview for Cell-Base HP 9000 Servers. Cell-based HP 9000 servers have PA-RISC processors and have the following boot process
1. PDC Self Test
2. PDC Boot
3. Boot Console Handler (BCH, a menu-driven boot environment)
4. Initial System Loader (ISL)
5. Secondary System Loader (hpux)
6. HP-UX Operating System

1. Processor Abstraction Layer (PAL)
2. System Abstraction Layer (SAL)
3. Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI)
4. EFI Boot Manager (menu-driven boot environment)
a. EFI Shell (command-driven boot environment)
b. EFI Scripts and Applications
EFI scripts and EFI applications can be initiated from either EFI Boot Manager or EFI Shell.
5. Operating System Loader
The following OS loaders are supported on HP Integrity servers. OS loaders can be initiated from the EFI Boot Manger or the EFI Shell.
a. HPUX.EFI Loader
Loader for the HP-UX operating system.
b. ELILO.EFI Loader
Loader for Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SuSE Linux Enterprise Server.
c. vms_loader.efi Loader
Loader for HP OpenVMS I64.
d. ia64ldr.efi Loader
Loader for Microsoft Windows Server 2003. ia64ldr.efi must be initiated from EFI Boot Manager (not from the EFI Shell).

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