Saturday, February 2, 2013

Face in the Crowd

Staying shy didn't lead to anything,

Staying in fear didn't lead to anything,

Staying in proud will leave nothing,

Only Loving, Sharing and staying open minded will lead to live the life...


I don't know how to live life,

I don't know how to keep the smile,

I don't know how to remove I in me,

Only after giving smile on face of others, I started living...


People laugh on others, does they see their face inside,

People may don't know what they are following,

People may love this materialistic life,

But when I started loving my family, started praying wishes for others then I started loving...


I donot know the rhyme,

I donot know about my sunshine,

but i want to leave a sign when I leave this world.................


God Bless all of us,
Amit Chopra

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