Sunday, March 23, 2014

Corrupt inittab + HP UX

Hi Friends,

We faced an issue of "corrupt inittab" after five times reboot of machine HP UNIX due to some Hardware issue. Got an opportunity to work with a Senior.

Error :- "Corrupt inittab"

 With this error,
we first thought that do we have an Ignite backup on tape or not,
Second we though can there be an option if we can restore the inittab from other system and use of the same,
Third we thought of checking from point that if our one disk out of mirror is corrupt or if we need to mirror the same.
Fourth :- If we can boot the machine in single user mode.
Fifth :- If we can boot the machine in LVM maintenance mode in hp ux from hpux prompt using "boot vmunix -lm"
and boot the machine.
a. here after boot up in hpux lvm {lvm maintenance mode}, coming to # prompt.Obviously the experience worked.
He copied the inittab file from /usr/newconfig/etc/inittab to /etc/inittab.
b. we were able to copy the first inittab of the server and then copy it on the /etc/inittab.
c. We reboot the system and checked it worked.
d. after reboot, the vgdisplay command showed correct o/p. we checked the same with previous getsysinfo o/p we had in our /tmp location.
e. checked lvdisplay -v "every root lv".
f. this showed stale devices on root lv on one mirrored disk.
g. here we ran, lvsync /dev/vg00/lvol3
h. it started syncing all stale path hanged into current after some time.
i. we took a reboot to confirm and system came up properly. we compared previous outputs and files. they were fine. we restored some part also with latest backup with us.

It was good learning experience, i wish if i can learn more each day.

Love Sharing
Amit Chopra

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Unix Guru said...

/usr/newconfig/etc/inittab---- file contain default setting or fresh copy of inittab file.

after copy the inittab file from /usr/newconfig/etc/inittab to /etc/inittab...... we are able to boot the server in any run level …… but its required to restored the old inittab from backup . after reboot.