Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We all have to Save Nature

Hi Friends,

This change in Weather seems an effect of Global Warming, that in the Month of March is having Heavy Rains in plains. Rain is making the Weather cool again and again, it looks like it is delaying the Summers. This is not usual. This change in weather can cause less production of Wheat. Which will directly cause hike in prices of goods and food material. Somewhere i feel it is due to us and we are making the weather and Nature to react in this manner. Nature will try to make its balance and if we do  not support it. then only and only we all living being have to suffer. Like US had heavy snow fall last year i.e. in 2013 due to disturbances in North Pacific (read in some news paper).

"This all shows we are doing very less towards Nature protection, and we are doing very much towards destroying it."

  We all are consuming Natural resources, but not finding alternatives so that those resources can be saved. Even I consider my self I don't know much even how we can save our Nature's Beauty. But listing those Which i have seen some good people doing and learned watching them, I do the following :-

a. I used to switch off my Vehicle at Red light. It is good that we are having timers at our red lights. which helps us to save petrol and save nature as well. saves money as well, "saving money is investing money" Yes this can help a lot when we all come along and do the same practice.
b. Switch off Lights, fans, AC when they are not in use. little contribution if we all do then we can save a lot. doing the same at Office too at my sitting place.
c. Insist my family members to save Electricity and water as much as they can do. Insist on make proper use of Sun light by opening Windows and Doors.

d. Save Rain Water making umbrella or cone shape technique in water tanks.
e. Thinking of implementing Solar Plant at house, it costs around Rupees 35, 000 in total. so that we can save electricity, But waiting too for that, let's Govt. reduce its cost more.
f.  Planting and gardening at Home, tries to make the green home.
g. Save Water by properly tightens the Taps at Bathrooms, Washrooms.
h. Use less water while Shaving, while brushing my teeth.
i. We all try to keep our surroundings near our Home, Office area clean and clear.
j. Try always to through dust in dustbin, instead of throwing it on roads, the same we can try to keep plastic bags, paper bags, Fruit waste, Vegetable waste, Food waste, etc to through it only in Dustbin. This can be kept in mind while driving car, While holiday at Mountains, While roaming outside, while hanging out in market, while going to stadium to play, at each and every place. where we can help area to remain clean and clear.

Yes there can be much, which can be done. need your comments to find more ways towards making our Nature green, clean and healthy for us and our future.

Love Sharing and Love Nature
Amit Chopra

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