Friday, March 21, 2014

HP UX Interview questions Part 5th

Hi Friends,

Got some good questions, which in an interview are most probably asked:-

1. How to replace a root disk, if corrupted or went bad? write down the steps.
2. How to replace a LOCK disk from a running cluster, what are the steps?
3. If all Nodes are in halt state, then what will be the step to remove and add a new lock disk?
4. What can be the minimum and maximum size of a cluster lock disk?
5. Can we reduce an LV without umount in RHEL?
6.  How to extend an LV in Clustered server?
7. What is selinux in HP UX? How can we implement security in HP UX ?
8. Configuring Bonding in HP UX ?
9. how can we make our system secure?
10. What are the ways using which we can increase our booting process faster?

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