Thursday, September 4, 2008

Whose success is this ?

today i want to share my thoughts which are going inside me in these days, i am totally feeling my self unable to do any thing for their help.

tell me, if a lady's husband drinks and he beats his wife and say bad about her parents and even to the extent of making her relation with those who are going on roads, so what will be the condition of that lady. can anybody imagine what she has to face every day, how she is living with him. (i know if she was in some other country than INDIA, then she might have made a new relation but here she has to think about her parents, rituals and culure, INDIA is still a country where a divorced lady has to face many words of relatives and neighbourer. even if every body knows what is the condition of her husband still then they would say the girl might have some problem.) what she thinks, what she wants nobody hears but what others want she has to do. it looks like that every body is imposing their thoughts or wants on her. but somewhere i thinks too confidence can let her to her destiny. do what is right.

similarly, what would be the condition of her child, if the child is so sensitive that he can understand at the age of 4 only. that small child has done anything wrong, what is his guilt. he donot want anything except love of his parents. some of his words " mummy would both of you will leave me alone forever, and would i have to saty alone" " dont you love me mummy" and at the same time his drunked dad is sleeping with him, who don't know anyting except that sleep. that loving and so pure kid has not done anything and has to face so many probems at that moment of age where he needs high attention.

what the mother has to do , please favour me to help her. and give your full response so that if you have any more query so that i can tell you more tohelp them.

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Meka said...

This is aweful. I dont know about Indias customs but I know she is suffering. Sorry to hear about this misfortune. Best of luck.