Thursday, September 25, 2008

stay near to happiness

everyone wants to be successful in life, but some of them get that because some reasons are there which causes them not to reach at their desired destiny. everyone wants happiness but some get and some waste their whole life in finding that.

i have found a little reason behind that, that is if you want to stay happy and in the mood of joy everytimw then, first you have to decide that I have to be happy and ever in laughing. second step be with them, you think i am comfortable and relaxed and happy and in the mood of joy. it will bring self happiness and exciting mood.

Next, after these two steps only you can have anything in life. anything. stay near to friends, happinesss, (near to god too if you feel relax with him, talk to him he will reply for sure.), anything in which you feel good and confident but not afraid of any body or anything.

last step complete your job work too cause if that is not completed then mind will stay in that every time.

after these you will be the happiest personon this world.

take care . plz comment what you think.


Vivaan said...

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Anonymous said...


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Kikolani | Poetry, Photography, Blogging Tips said...

It is about a mindset. You have to, especially in times of stress, remind yourself of the positive things instead of mulling over the negative. Plus finishing all of those things on the to-do list, especially at work, will put your mind at ease simply because of less stress.

Guttu said...

Nice thoughts. Happyness is the source of success. So be happy..

Irtiza said...

i was just bloghopping the blogs of my friends in BC. i am so glad to see your blog. i also have a blog on this subject. it was very nice to see another one.

yeah, completing jobs is very necessary to be happy. i feel very tensed if i dont finish my job in time or properly.

best of luck