Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Memory for Success

"What role does memory plays in success"

I was thinking about how the memory works and some point came in mind too reach my success or destination. memory is an important aspect for life and reaching its goals too.

I starts from how the memory works ?

  • It depends on us how we want to learn , if we learn any topic or any point by soully concentrating mind in that topic then it will not get forgetten by us easily. but here a point also matters for how much time we want that topic in our course of duration that for how much time we want that topic not to be forgotten by us.

  • memory works like a pencil if that pencil left impression dark then it will be remove from the page after a long time but if work done with that is light then it will be removed soon.

  • some points which are recently read might get forget by us on the same date but if read carefully and topic is of our intrest then might be whole topic will be there in mind. but if however the topic is not intrested then also the topic is there in mind but recalling would be difficult. then we need to have a look.

  • some part of the memory remain always in active state due to its regular and unlimited use. but if memory at that end too start working by own then mental disorder will occur.

  • sentiments also plays an important role in reminding things, if anything occured with joy, sorrow, love, anger , etc then that thing will be there in mind forever and if any situation like that occurs again accidently then that whole topic will get rewind by itself. you don't even have to think of reminding that.

  • memory never looses what it has once, what it needs is only rivison

What i have FOUND about MEMORY

  • memory is network of chain, or it works as a chain. if all notes of it are tight and have strength in it (that depends upon its manufacturing material and method) if one note of chain is weaker then the next part of chain will get affected by its own. but it doesn't mean that that next part is waste that will come in use for sure if make in use.

  • pictures or images are best way of learning and calling any topic, but it also needs full attention with it because some point then too get neglected at that time might cause the full picture not to come back in full in front of memory.

  • if memory works like underlines then lines get darken by regularly underlining that line that is rivison is emphasised.

please tell me what you think about memory work, and if i am left with anyview the please do suggest me,


rukmesh said...

good chians like memory comparison is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for the comment you left on my blog! I have added you to my blogroll. This memory article is geat, it's very interesting and informative!

fahmi087 said...

I like this article...learning is fun if you like the topic. But It can be hard if there is nobody to guide you and help you when help is needed.