Sunday, September 21, 2008


Its been 6 days ihave not written any post, cause i was not having something to write but this friday my lecturar asked me some quesion about myself and in that i got a bit jumbled . He then said when you don't know yourself then your life is waste or going to be waste, so that pinched me but i know and understand that truth pinchs but it is truth.

soon that day i start thinking about my self and describe my self to me. i took pages and wrote what i am, my intrest, my hobbies are. waht i want and waht i don't. I also noted the time i waste and utilize. this is necessary and veyr uch needy to me. I made two coloumn and then wrote my hobbies and intrest.

then i came to know, i haave intrest in many things like tennis, cricket, football, in many games that is for fun, for knowledge i like to read news paper coloumn incuding sports, politics, happening, and many knowledge providing coloumns. In movies I like to see action, sometimes fun, sometimes love and romance, emotions generally. these all told me that i am having intrest in these only and i do all these for increasing my knowledge, stunt ability in me, ability to take decision, these all are not waste but goes waste when i don't have any effect of that on me. these all also tell that, i have knowledge of every thing but deep knowledge is missing at every point that sinks me. knowledge in depth is must cause it makes able to stand and speak infront of anyone cause deep knowledge brings confidence.

then i departed or filled the coloumn of hobbies, so that brought writing notes and playing guitar, teaching guitar, teaching students who are younger than me. so my hobbies were less.

so i came to conclude that intrest are what we like to do and hobbies are those intrest which becomes part of our daily life and we love to do them. but keeping in mind that every point about hobby should beclear so that you don't fail to explain or tell answers for them. so hobby's total and complete knowledge is needy.

then choose your success, cause hobby or intrest can make you successful. because you know them completely. that can and will bring success.

it is very important topic and everyone who has not made him to this level should think and do this. it is important step for life. which i came to understand now. thanxto my lecturar.

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K. Fields said...

Does anyone ever really know themselves?

I feel we continually grow and change as we gain knowledge and maturity.

Good Post! Thank-you!