Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Power and Knowledge are the things which can take anyone from bottom to the top of this world. Sometimes some parents like mine says that do concentrae on your study first and then on other things. but somewhere i stand somewhere else from them and their words.

i believe and trust that " Power comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from the efforts of the mind and mind has to use power of its own and body" . so am i correct in your thinking. i have some thought6s which i am writing in quotes below:-

1. knowlegde can let us to the top of world in the queue of intelligents.

2. Power let us to rule over those who think we are intelligent.

3. power also let us to rule over those who make some lines and let others to follow them.

4. Intelligence sometimes may be with a poor man but the power of something can only change his life.

5. The combination of not of these can lead to win anything in this world except some truth like love in this world cause love stays outside of these two. i am talking about true love, not that which can be purchased and sold.

what you think of my thoughts and beliefs, so friends comment me on this, so i can add some thing more for success.


Beading Granny said...

Oh my, Thank You so much for the lovely comment! Amit, you have made my day! God Bless You & Do Have A Beautiful Weekend...

sanchit said...

very nice post!

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