Monday, October 27, 2008

love for success

LOVE, it is not only just a word. for some it is feelings, love in form of greed, in form of anger, in form of sex,in form of drawing, all starts from love and ends on love. so for success, it is necessary that you should fall in love in that work in which you, might be you are with agirl, with a company or organisation, anything .
Even some of the girls who fall in the business of prostittution or any thing like that, in actual they want love. similarly those who falls in the field of drug addiction or drinking habbit, in actual they want someone who can stay with them always in their mind. so love is their medicine from which they should be treated.
Even I think that, the person who becomes rapist, they also needs true love and true direction. if they get it then their is nothing in this world that can take them to that way.
love brings satisfaction and fulfillness with self.
and attaing the position of self is attaining god in self, so love yourself and then somebody else cause loving self is also necessary it tells what is our own personality.


Meka said...

This is true. I never thought of love being referred to in so many ways. Very interesting post.

bob said...

what a fantastic and incredibly positive idea for a blog.. really enjoyed reading it

marri said...

LOVE has defined so many times by so many people of different colors with variety of views but one thing that make us one is our love for GOD.

have a nice day!

only for biz said...

mann........such nice responses and appreciation for posts....really good especially at the starting of a blogger......

Kikolani | Poetry, Photography, Blogging Tips said...

Love is probably the best addiction, and once you have it, there is need for little else.

~ Kristi