Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Faking problem with a smile

Are we really living life
Or it's just faking it, 

Driving car means proud for some one, 
But with speeding car it's easy to kill person, 
Breaking rules on road is easier but following the same is difficult one. 

It's hurry in us or we don't have faith on our selves,
It's anger in us or we don't have love to love ourselves, 
It's frustration in us or we can't find a space in us to sit calmly. 

It's not about rich or poor, both are running for money, the way differs. 
We all are faking our lives, but only the way differs,

If yes we are faking our lives than atleast we should fake with smile to it,
Fake life difficulties and tension with Opposite of frustration that is quite mind, 
With Opposite of anger that is love. 
Opposite of sadness that is being happy. Push problems with love 
Pull love with love only....... 

Love sharing 
Amit chopra 

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