Thursday, May 29, 2014

Problem in using GUI due to haldaemon LINUX

Dear Friends,

Today, came across a situation and learned a new thing, when my GUI console i.e. int 5 was showing me hung keyboard and hung mouse. seemed like some GUI or XMANAGER problem has come. System was not at all responding at the GUI console. tried to crash and generate the kdump using key combinations "CTRL+ALT+PRINT SCREEN+Key C" the dump generated and system crashed and rebooted.
Next stopped the system on selecting the kernel and booting with other kernel. The system booted up in init 5 but still the mouse and keyboard were not working. so you can say without these not able to access the system. (Yes we could try with taking putty of the machine). so to check the same booted the system to single user mode and booted the system from there to init 3 run level. System booted up and mouse, keyboard started working. Went to the services, there is a daemon called "HALDAEMON" i.e. Hardware Abstraction Layer. this is for  recognizing various type of hardware attached to the system. It enables them to work and making them accessible.
This issue seemed to me creating problem at console only, but not at the putty, need to check this.

Now made this service enable to run at run level 5 using :-

#chkconfig --level 5 haldaemon on

This was done at run level 3, as we enable the services to run on other run level from one run level as defined above. After enabling the haldaemon to work on run level 5. booted the system to jump on run level 5 using init 5 from # prompt. Issue resolved. My keyboard and ouse started working on run level 5.

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Amit Chopra

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