Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Interview Questions on hp unix 11iV3

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I recently came across with some basic interview question, found repeating most of the time in interviews. trying to list some of them here, May help us all.

a. Steps to create and extend an LV i.e. Volume Group and Logical Volume.
b. How to reduce and extend root lv online?
c. Command to take Ignite Backup and procedure to recover the same. Comparison between Recovery speed of Ignite Tape Backup and Ignite Server Backup. Which is suitable and accurate according to you?
d.  How to enable package switching in Service Guard?
e. How to add Logical Volume in Service Guard Cluster Online?
f. Replacing Lock Disk in Cluster and steps to do so.
g. What is the Lock disk is mirrored, what are the steps?
f. What is the major difference between the VG LOCK LUN and VG LOCK DISK?
h. How to disable root of NFS client to make changed in NFS server mount point?
i. How will you trouble shoot the issues of NFS?
j. If you are having space in your file system still you are not able to create any file? How can you correct this?
k. What is the difference between Mount Point and File system?
l. Command to go in single user mode?
m. what are lq and lvm mode and how they are useful?
n. Steps to update a package?

Some Question on HP VM :-

o. How will you boot a HP VM machine?
p. How to assign resource to hpvm machine and if we are assigning a IO BUS to the hpvm machine, do we need to take a reboot?
q. Disk assigned to the hpvm machine and special file also generated, after extending the VG size has not increased, What is the cause?
r. How to assign and create a virtual nic for hpvm machine?

Some Question on VPAR :-

s. How to update VPMON? What precaution has to be taken and planning has to be done before upgrading the VPMON?
t. If we are upgrading HP UNIX OS to v3 from v2 then what should be the version of VPMON on v2?
u. How we will boot the machine to VPMON?
v. What should be the size of ILM and CLM memory while increasing or assigning memory to VPAR machine?
w. What are the things we can do from efi shell and the uses of parconfig or parmodify command?
x. What are fs0: , fs3: on the disk available from efi shell.
y. What is the role of swap for the machine and how to create the same online?
z. What is the requirement to create NPAR and VPAR? And what is the minimum resource requirement to create the NPAR and VPAR?

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