Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scale for measurement of Emotions

It may be a scale for measuring emotions but real measurement lies inside you or youself.
The Emotional Tone Scale is a powerful tool that gives you dozens of benefits.
For example, you can use the tone scale to:-
● Make people feel more comfortable with you● Predict how people will react to various situations● Understand why some people pull you down● Improve your ability to get agreement from people● Better understand yourself ● Know who you can trust and who you should not trust● Increase your concentration and reaction time● Motivate yourself and others● Make yourself into a saner, better person.
The top of the tone scale includes the more positive emotions and the bottom of the scale lists the undesirable emotions.
"The Emotional Tone Scale"
4.0 Enthusiasm
3.5 Cheerfulness
3.0 Conservatism
2.5 Boredom
2.0 Antagonism
1.8 Pain
1.5 Anger
1.1 Covert Hostility
1.0 Fear
0.9 Sympathy
0.5 Grief
0.05 Apathy
0.0 Body Death.
The higher the individual is upon the Tone Scale, the better chance he has of obtaining the wherewithal* of living, the happier he is, the healthier his body will be." (*wherewithal = financial needs)
When you are high on the tone scale, you not only feel happier and healthier, you are interested in everything around you. You are alert, clear-headed and energetic. People enjoy being around you as you are trustworthy, responsible and genuinely cheerful.
Actually a person fluctuates on this scale from hour to hour and day to day. He receives good news, he goes momentarily to Tone 3.0. He receives bad news, he may sink for a moment to Tone 1.0. He falls in love and for a month he is at level 3.5. His girl leaves him and for a week he is at Tone 0.5. When he is very young he rides around Tone 3.5. As he grows older, his tone drifts down to 2.5. As an old man, he may drift down to 0.0 and death, either slowly or swiftly."Where Are You on the Tone Scale?
identify your tone level.
0.05 Apathy: You do not care about yourself or others. You are always ill. Nothing seems real. You cannot face the past and do not care about the future. You lie to get sympathy. You want people to pity you. You feel lost and unimportant.
1.0 Fear: Life seems dangerous and serious. You are frequently sick. You cannot make decisions. You wonder what is real and what is unreal. You assume people want to hurt you. You do not take responsibility and you lie to avoid any type of confrontation.
1.1 Covert Hostility. You are similar to a person in fear, but you also have hostility. Because you are afraid, you cover up your hostility. As well as lying to people, you stab them in the back. You are devious, underhanded and like to gossip.
1.5 Anger: You openly show your hostility. You are "right" about everything. You attack people, verbally or physically. You use threats, punishment and alarming lies to dominate others. You are a coward, but will use unreasonable bravery to hurt yourself or others.
2.0 Antagonism: You feel irritated much of the day. Your illnesses are severe. You assume the worst in people; you find it difficult to trust anyone. Instead of trying to help people succeed, you prefer to just stop them. You are a critic.
2.5 Boredom: While you are not angry or opposed to others, you are not interested in them either. You are occasionally ill. You are indifferent, careless and insincere. You give up if anything gets in your way. You are not creative, but not destructive either.
3.0 Conservatism: You are mildly interested in life. You try to tell the truth and can be trusted in most matters. You are courageous, but only if the risks are low. You are social and somewhat friendly to a small group of people.
3.5 Cheerfulness: Your interest in people is high and you try to understand them. You are capable of assuming important responsibilities. You rarely get sick. You can persist on a path to the end result. You use energy and logic to get people to do things. You like to help people.
4.0 Enthusiasm: You are creative and excited. You never get sick. You are eager to understand and help others. You are courageous in all circumstances. You gladly accept responsibility and can be trusted. You achieve your objectives, despite all opposition. Your enthusiasm is contagious; people like to follow your lead. You love life and the future looks wonderful.

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