Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fear and Lie's relation.

Sometimes, we speak lie for enjoying some movement , which leds to that way which we don't want and it also gives fear to us. we have to live in fear and remain in scare.
For example :- if i take example of myself. as i used to talk with girl who is my friend's friend. her father is an inspector in police. i sacre too of my parents too cause if anything wrong happens with anyone and if anyhow her or my parents would came to know about this then i will not able to handle that situation. this leds in myself fear and a losser behaviours enters in my head. or it makes me scare in other words.
So i decided to leave all that things which are based on lies or which keeps me in scare. I want to join that way whichis based on truth and which can bring confidence in me. this is also a way to move towards success. so never choose that way in which you feel wrong or in which heart doesn't agree your inner self to move. this is a simple example for staying away from lie and the way of losser.
Stay in the way of truth and in that which your heart agrees. live confidently and successfully.
but what you think about this. you can tell about any type of relationship.

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