Monday, July 28, 2008

What about their success if seen

We always want success and do anything for getting and we have to do. but what you think if it is for a prostitute. prostitutes might earn good income or makes good money in developed country but those country as such which are growing or developing. at that place, they only d their business for their hungry stomach. they want to earn for their living. they do just for their need. can you say in this, that they are doing for their success. no not at all. so being prostitute for them is not wrong because there they do not have anyother work to do. similar in case of bar dancer as in many cities. some guys go for their relaxation but are the dancer going for their fun. no not at all.

so being in wrong path for them is not wrong cause they are right somewhere too. if i say in terms of saints then their will also be good, they can also have heaven cause they also have right.

If I add some words for a normal man who is doing work somewhere in corporate world or company. There too, you can see guys going behind some seniors for their success. they do buttering or some kind of tings to have higher post in their company.

so can you imagine how a prostitute can think of enjoying success that is real in terms of her's.

living life for them sometimes look like a hell. so we can say there is both hell and heaven on earth. there is nothing lies above these sky.

but if we like to live our life in a good way then we have to live with good behaviour and helping nature for the betterment of life of others. so being any kind of person, if we just think of about being a good person. we can attain any type of success but it will take time. cause every god thing takes time to happen.

what you say, plz reply.

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