Tuesday, July 8, 2008

show emotions

getting emotional is not to cry, bnot to feel sad. but it is the way to express internal thoughts. this is very necessary cause behind this is, when we react on any situation we also learn from that how we responded that situation and how we can face if that problem or situation comes again. emotions tells us what we are. what only needs our attention at the time when we are feeling anything.
let us take an example:- a person play the game of gamble, and in that game if he losses many times and wins twice or thrice then will not leave that game. sometimes he/she also fights but what all hew is doing is shwing his/her emotions in a different way. but he is not giving attention on his emotions. he/she is not giving himself any chance to think in a good way in which he/she can win or can leave that game. what he/she needs is only attention.
feeling internal emotions are very mucvh necessary. they give us time to think but we should not igore them.

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