Monday, July 21, 2008

fight with own

sometimes in the way of success, we have to fight with ourselves too. that is the most important aspect of knowing self. and we have to keep this in mind in too that all are part of our life, life should not be part of all. cause if we are not present then all will be of not of any use.
success is not only in the way of education not only in corporate world , not only in the way of earning life. it is also in earning life, it is in the way of earning self conciousness.
example of this can be :- as we do work to earn money, but only making money can make our life to loose other things. so we have to manage every thing for a successful life. success should be of both that is mind and heart. you heart and mind should be happy, if it is done then we are the successful person of this whole world. stay heart and mind cool and happy.
try to understand yourself and learn something from everyone who is with you on any path. cause learning is the only real part of life and only understanding yourself is the only goal. and who attains this is the successful person. what do you think share with me ?

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