Saturday, July 12, 2008

point of view

the basic thing which we need for being a successful person is our point of view towards our aim or destiny.
you have to keep in mind that it is we only, who decide to how to reach there. it is we only who can see our ways of work for the aim. we have see create many ideas by our mind only. as we have many points in our mind for reaching at our destiny. it can only raise our individuality.
the successful person see only success cause of his/her demamd and his nature. he flow a bit of himself towards towards the aim and all his effort by its own towards that. similarly a person who is failing doesnot see success, his/her sees failure only. because in this world, there are two things only one is positive side and the other is negative side. and we have to choose one of them. the successful see only the positive side and moves towards that, then effortlessly moves near to that. cause here is , what you see is what you know and what you know is a result of what you see. its confusing.
actually there are sycles of failure and success made byu us iin our own memeory. we have to choose and change them. it can and i will. but onl;y thing is we have to be honest with ourselves only. so ,enjoyt the cylclic process, the road to success, you deserve that and it is you own destiny. stay happy.

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