Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Leave yourself and live

leave yourself and then live the life you have with you.
Find what you have then with you. if you find something that is the real thing you can carry with your soul. nothing except that. you will surely have the feeling of free from every connection. This is another way of being going in deep of work, love, success. if this stage is achieved then your every moment will be full of joy anfd fun. cause you dont have to think about yourself.
If i tell about me, what i like or feel after going in depth of music while playing or listening is free from conciousness of mind. that stage is of being unconcious from every thing. But it can also led to being unware of or irresponsible of work. so be aware of that too. this can be for relaxing yur mind and body. as i listen qawali of Nusrat fateh ali khan, Rahat fateh ali khan, and of Farid, Bulleh shah. and of many sufi singer. this also leds me to towards success. but this path is what i like. so you may have different interest. enjoy of being in that interest. freeeing yourself from you is the major thing i am stressing about. if you want to know about this then have a look at this

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