Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is true and it is the law of nature that success loves success. the reason behind this is if anyone grows then he/she never thinks of moving back form his/her 's present position. this can be called as a flow or a flow of a river, whose every wave moves froward it doesn't think of moving back.
similar in the case of growing person. for getting successful a person can take help of that who has been succesful by efforts. but in this way some or few gets success cause it is copying and copying has to face some problems as copying doesn't requires self efforts.
so better way can be think like how a successfull peson thought and then do all efforts again with practice, try to find new ideas which could be better then the past one. be relaxed but creative with every next second. add your own taste in that and love your work differently. only in rthis way the copying will work with many new great ideas.
Another way, do that which others do not want to do. do that efficently. take first step of accepting the responsibility. if you move one single step towards success then success will also move one or more step towards you. so in this way success loves itself.

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