Friday, July 11, 2008

expectations are excuses

expectations can be some times excuses in the way of your success, how it can be can bve reliased by you. it is very easy and easy to tackle by you youself.
first thing find and see what are you and try to know yourself. see on which way you are going, find you are on way of failure or success. check all your attitude toward work. what you do while working. check are you your self taking yourself towards success or failure.
or in other words, you should have knowledge about your way. if you have knowledge. by knowledge or knowing thngs ony you can lead yourself on way of success. cause behind failure is only lack of knowledge. tis knowledge you already have but your knowledge is not awaken. you have awake that only. as an example:- you know how to drive the car, but the only thing is that you dont have have knowledge and that much courage in your self for driving or handling the car. you just have to gain that and learn how to put down the gears and give acceleration.
go on the this way you will surely get success. find yur mistake and keep always on the track of succes. i would like to have more knowledge if anyone is having please do share with me.

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