Friday, August 1, 2008

Is this a success of love

In this blog, i want to discuss about the nature or behaviour of many about their precious love. i am telling that what i think, now a days some guy believe that loving is girl is only to the extent of taking her to the bedroom and nothing else. they treat her first very nicely and softly. they show care for her and then many things occurs which true love doesn't need. i as a boy belive that girls initially act too softly and too ignore may things of her boyfriend's too but later they also start enjoying that what her boyfriend do. and what boys do all knows that they leave or break the relation. but i do agree for that, there are some guys too who are ready to do further relation as beyond to marriage and they also show extreem of there love too.
but what i see in previous type of love which i discussed earlier is not true anywhere, it is based on the floor of lie.
i have an example of one of my friend who loves a girl and she too loves her. they have true love. they meet smetimes, and sometimes they only see eachother from a distance but their eyes do meet. in this they are happy and they do not think about future cause they want to love each moment they spent or spend tpgether. in my view this is true love.
love is all around us but guys or girls thinks that, it can be boundede more efficiently by having that relationship which can make their life hell later. they just want to enjoy that moments. they can't and dont have control on their own emotions. but why these situations arises. we have to find that and solve that too.
so being a writer or a blogger, i want to say somelines.
love satys in eyes, love grows in heart.
love stays in breath, love flows in nerves.
and life of lover stays in soul of beloved.
living with true love might be very hard then that love which is based on lie.

now a days all want to spend their time with their beloved one, some do that on phone, in resturant or somewhere else.

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