Sunday, August 17, 2008

All cruelty springs from weakness

All cruelty comes from weakness, this is true because when don't know how to handle a situation then anger arise by itself, and angry one cannot solve any problem. only if it happens then he must be knowing that how to handle a problem.
Anger is the cause of cruelty that we all know, but i want to add a thing more here that having patience is the only solution for any problem. if i take example:- as a mother caring her son, she sometimes also gives slaps to the baby. when a child comes in age of 4-10 then she/he ask for something and she/he does not get that thing then she/he start srying for that on public places or at malls somewhere, then she might give a slap to her children to behave properly. all that , i want to say that sometimes she must not be knowing how to solve or handle a problem. that's why she acts in anger. and many situations are there for many men and women, not knowing there own persona.
if a person knows his own persona then he will act in different manner in different situation. i think he should know his self, his properties, etc. because knowing self also led to know others. so not to change the topic. i believe that cruelty word is not made for mothers cause they know love only, cause in their cruelty her good nature is hidden.
cruel are those who don't know how to use mind. a well educated person would always remain calm and soft. where as an illiterate person will act in cruel way always. i will continue this topic later..............................................................


Anonymous said...

I so agree with you !!!
Thank you for posting this.. and I think you're blog is amazing because I love reading about spirituality and being in peace with myself..
.. I'll be sure to check back! You just keep the posts rolling :)!

seekar said...

where as an illiterate person will act in cruel way always.???????????how can you say that have you mat all illiterate people in the world..and if you are talking about cruality you can see lots of examples where many literate people done so many negative things .you said that anger comes when one is don't know how to handle the situation i don't think so ...evan so many time i know what is the solution of the situation but i want to tell people and many time only for their good i show anger without disturbing my internal feelings or vibs for them.