Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what i felt .

These days, i am staying little away from my friends, i don't know what has happened with me. i want to remain alone and want to give time to my self more than others, but somewhere i am realising this too, that i am not managing anything, i am learning managing skills from my experiences. these days might be bad, i am alone and not meeting and talking with others but i am understanding self and others. that is a good point, i am learning how we have to live in this world. show your sminling face to everyone and take help from that who helps others.

all looks like animals only fulfilling their needs and stomach, to me. but instead of all this a face or a true face is coming infront of me.

as i take example of my friend, who wants to meet me because of completing his wish of roaming around on roads or in parks. only for that. and somewhere i look everyone in greed including my self as i am writing this to make people and be emotional to me. but i don't want that too. i donot want anybody's help and favour.

if i look from a different point of view then it seems, myself living in the world of negative thoughts and they are making me feel so.

the more and more i go beyond my thoughts or i get deep in to them, i find my self more weak and more negative towards everything. so what should i do, i should wait for the good time to come or i myself make try to make my life good and happy accepting all these things.

does i include this negativenessin my ways to success. is it benefiting me in any ways. still i am learning something from this time.

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