Friday, August 22, 2008


"We are born for love, it is the principle of existence, and its only end."
including love in success hears and looks odd to me also, but i thought a lot that love is the only purpose of life and loving is the beginning of every thing and it is the only end of life too. today, i want to write some things related to me, it would not be intresting somewhere but it would be relating some of us in many ways. it might be bringing some of us towards success and would be taking away from success.
i have met many people in my life yet, but non of that has taken special space in my heart. cause i have not given any space to tham in my heart. i was involved with many of then in many work, in many parties, in many get togethers too. nut i felt apart and aside of them many times, because i fet what we will gain from these things or meetings but what now i reliazes at this moment of life that, all things are waste except being with friends, being in love with all, and meeeting with friends and laughing with them is the only soul purpose of life somewhere.
i many a times also thought that, i will live my life in this way or that way but, this only gave tension and waste of time to me cause to learn life is id to live life's every moment with joy. cause we all will get departed someday, sometime but the only thing which will be left with us will be, only and only the talks and fun which we made with our friends.
ealier i used to live with every thing like i am passing my own time, i thought that i am clever and can do every thing,. but what these all gave to me is nothing just waste of my own life's precious time. cause it was in habbit of mine, which i reliased now. i reliased and came to know about self, knowing myself is like a mirror of my own image. what i feel now that i am running alone in a race course. running like a player who don't have any competitor, who don't have anyone behind him for his buck up. it seems like confusing words but need a lot of presence of mind, some may think i am a confused one. but i am not that, i am in also in those who want loe and its sharing with everyone.
i have used "i" many times in my sentences above, this shows that i am staying in my self. lol. making my self more complexive in nature and all these brings me to a conclusion of loving some but soully and every moment of life.
what you think am i fully expressing my self or not. expressing is knowing self and others.

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